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Okay, it’s finally that time. You’re thinking of selling your car on Facebook Marketplace. No problem; many owners find car sales success on Facebook’s classifieds. However, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid pulling your hair out when adding your ride to the cars for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 

Selling a car on Facebook Marketplace has the potential to try your patience if you don’t keep these things in mind

In many ways, Facebook Marketplace has replaced Craigslist and other local classified pages for sellers to post everything from cars to furniture and services. As such, many of the less-than-reputable or trustworthy characters from Craigslist brought their business to Facebook. Car sellers will be better off if they keep these five things in mind when selling a car on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Buyers will ask for many, many pictures. Have lots of media on hand. 
  • Be prepared for strange questions
  • Buyers want your car for as cheap as possible– be ready for inappropriate offers
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from a sale that makes you uncomfortable
  • If you agree on sales specifics, have a safe place to conduct your sale without falling for scams.
A person selling their car on Facebook Marketplace hands over their keys in exchange for money.
A car sale | Nattakorn Maneerat via iStock

As you might imagine, an S550 Ford Mustang GT for $28,000 won’t be a point-and-click sale. Car buyers will want pictures, video, and excruciating detail. Consequently, if you want to attract the right buyer for your car, truck, SUV, or what have you, you’ll need the media to back it up. Moreover, you’ll need to be prepared to answer specific, even odd questions about your ride. It would help to have any supporting documentation and your car’s VIN available to help cut through the confusion. 

Now we arrive at everyone’s least favorite part of conducting a private sale: the so-called “lowballers.” For instance, you post your collectible classic car for $35,000. The first offer you receive (after the inevitable and time-wasting “Is this still available” questions) is less than half of your ideal price. That’s “lowballing,” and you’ll likely face it when selling your car on Facebook Marketplace. Be patient and stick to your guns.

After you negotiate a sale, you should be prepared to conduct it safely. Keep your wits about you; if a sale seems too good to be true, there’s a chance it’s a scam. Consequently, if you set up a sale that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t be afraid to walk away. Finally, should you decide to go through a sale, set up a secure place to finalize the details, perform the transaction, and sign over the title.