7 Crazy Doors You Never Knew Existed

For a normal car, there isn’t much to a door. You pull the handle, and it opens. You get in. You close the door. Maybe your car comes with keyless entry, soft-close doors, or retractable handles, but beyond that, they all work pretty much the same.

When you spend a little more money on something exotic, though, do you really want normal doors? Of course not. So let’s check out some of the craziest car doors ever made.

1.) Koenigsegg’s Dihedral Synchrohelix Actuation Doors

If you felt out of breath after reading that, we did too. With such an intricate name, Christian Von Koenigsegg’s design of the dihedral synchrohelix actuation is as exquisite as the name is long. The Koenigsegg door design is engineered to push out, and spin upwards next to a car. If you live in a place where parking is tight and you have 10 million dollars to spare, this might be a great car for you.

2.) McLaren’s Butterfly Doors

McLaren’s butterfly doors are exactly what the car needed. After all, you couldn’t get out of your McLaren by just pushing open any regular old car door, right? The door style itself does in fact open up and out like a butterfly wing, giving a beautiful display of the entire door panel from the front of the car.

3.) DeLorean’s Gull Wing Doors

The icon gull-wing doors on the DeLorean have once again taken the stage with a similar styling of the door on the Tesla, renamed the Flacon wing. The gull-wing door provides an innovative and stylish solution to a problem that didn’t exist, and will leave you stressed about hitting your head every time you close the door. Have you ever come out of the grocery store and someone has parked way to close to that thick white line? The gull-wing door doesn’t really facilitate partial opening so that you can squeeze into your car and go about the day. But then again, I don’t imagine many people drive their DeLorean to the grocery store.

4.) Lamborghini’s Scissor Doors

Lamborghini scissor doors are iconic and their styling has become a trend. Aftermarket kits allow people to retrofit scissor hinges onto almost any car you could think of, making these doors the most attainable on the list!

LONDON, UNITED KINDOM – MARCH 24: The Lamborghini Centenario at ‘Supercar Sunday’, Hosted by HR Owen in Acton, London. The Centenario is a limited production sports car based on the Lamborghini Aventador which was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show to commemorate the 100th birthday of the company’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. (Photo by Martyn Lucy/Getty Images)

5.) BMW Z1’s Sliding Doors

This BMW has doors unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Z1 doors that slide down – DOWN. It’s like watching a magician. We love these doors for two reasons: you can park literally anywhere and you are going to get in and out without stress and imagine ending a conversation by your door sliding shut at the press of a button? Maybe it’s just us.

6.) Lykan’s Swan Doors

Have you ever gotten out of a car and thought….”I wish my door opens backwards?” No? Me either. Some exotic supercars are taking on a new style of door: the swan door. Image a McLaren’s butterfly door, but backwards. Hinged behind the seat instead of in front, this might be the most dramatic car in the lineup.

7.) Lincoln’s Suicide Doors

The suicide door has been popular since the prominence of gangs and mafias, but that doesn’t mean the car doesn’t have a classic style. The idea is simple: the rear seats open backwards. Not nearly as obnoxious as the Lykan swan door when it comes to a reversal here, but after all, the Lincoln is way less ostentatious.

These doors are designed to make a statement, and they certainly do. Whether practical or not, the innovation of engineering put into these doors makes the car that much more special. As we swing into a new decades we are excited to see what a new generation of car doors will bring us.