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Desiree Homer

Desiree Homer began contributing content to MotorBiscuit in 2018. She is a veteran in all things sales and marketing and at writing results-oriented sales copy. Her professional credentials include: 15+ years in direct Sales (local, regional and national industries), 5+ years in Television Advertising, 5+ years in Staffing and Business Development, and 3+ Years in Automotive Sales.

She began contributing to Endgame360 in 2018. She is a Jeep enthusiast at heart and spent more than three years selling cars for GM and Ford dealerships. Desiree has sold everything from high-end Cadillac models to farm-reliable pickups. She has also written for Bob Vila.





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2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali

What Features Come Standard on the GMC Sierra 2500 HD?

Imagine you’re dining at a fancy restaurant and are browsing the menu, only to find you like everything you see. To help you decide, you also consider what’s included with each entree selection, right? Knowing what automatically comes with the main dish can sometimes help you choose. Now imagine you’re truck shopping. We took a …
2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn

What Features Come Standard on the Ram 1500?

You’ve heard amazing things about the new 2020 Ram. It’s loaded with Best-in-Class features and boasts some of the most luxurious trim levels. But, as you try to navigate all the available options and build the Ram 1500 of your dreams, it might get overwhelming weighing all considerations. We thought it might be helpful to …
2019 GMC Sierra Denali

What Features Come Standard on the GMC Sierra?

This time of year, you might be looking for deals on a new truck. Considering the competitive landscape of the light-duty pickups these days, it might be hard to decide which truck is right for you. If you have your mind set on the Best-in-Class available V8 of the 2020 Sierra 1500, keep reading. We …
2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel

What Features Come Standard on the Chevrolet Silverado?

As we stare down the end of 2019, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at what 2020 has to offer. The Chevy Silverado has always been a top contender on the truck stage. Chevrolet is boasting that Silverado is bigger, stronger, and lighter than previous generations. Silverado is …
2020 F-250 Super Duty Tremor

Does the Ford F-250 Super Duty Have Android Auto?

Maybe you have a brand-new Android phone and are in the market for a matching heavy-duty truck to go with it. Ok, you’re probably more focused on selecting the right pickup than you are with a cell upgrade. But, in your quest for the best truck, you know it’s equally important to find the right …
2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro parked on rocks

Does the Toyota Tacoma Have a Nice Interior?

Toyota made quite a few promises for the Tacoma concerning performance, handling, and even fuel economy as well as the time they put into the craftsmanship of the truck’s materials inside and out. Many reviewers have taken on the task to test out the 2019 Toyota Tacoma to see if it matches all the hype …
White 2019 Ford F-150 Limited

The Truth That Most Full-Size Truck Owners Don’t Want to Hear

People have all kinds of reasons for buying a certain truck model. You may even be in the market to buy a new truck right now. You might need payload, towing capacity, and performance. You might want size, personality, and maximum work capability. Or do you? There’s a good chance consumers don’t need a full-size …
2020 GMC Sierra AT4

Does the GMC Sierra Have a Nice Interior?

If you were to judge a book by its cover, you might assume the GMC Sierra to be a more quality truck. Historically, GMC trucks have positioned themselves as the more luxurious or plushier trucks, especially with the Denali trims. When it comes to interior creature comforts, one might assume then that Sierra’s offer superb …
2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

Does the Chevrolet Colorado Have a Nice Interior?

There are a ton of truck reviews out there. If you want to know anything from off-road performance to fuel efficiency, on any model, you can find it. What may sometimes be overlooked in reviews is a thorough evaluation of the truck interiors. Sure, there are checklists of available amenities for various trim levels of …
2019 F-150 Raptor

Does the Ford F-150 Raptor Have a Nice Interior?

The Ford Raptor is an absolute beast of a truck. Not much has changed from 2019 to 2020 in terms of design, as Ford adopted to fine-tune and perfect, rather than reform. It knows a good thing when it drives one. When tackling the off-road trails and sand dunes, this truck is fun and powerful …