The Truth That Most Full-Size Truck Owners Don’t Want to Hear

People have all kinds of reasons for buying a certain truck model. You may even be in the market to buy a new truck right now. You might need payload, towing capacity, and performance. You might want size, personality, and maximum work capability. Or do you?

There’s a good chance consumers don’t need a full-size pickup at all. Considering the mid-size truck capabilities of today, it’s possible people are buying the big trucks for a host of other reasons that maybe they don’t want to admit.

Why buy a full-size pickup truck?

The full-size truck market is booming, meaning people are buying full-size trucks in full force. Truck owners say that they typically use their trucks for commuting. But, it’s having the freedom that the full-size pickups offer in terms of performance and capability that makes the difference for them.

In other words, they don’t always need that much power. But, they’re glad to know it’s there in case they do. So much so, that one study showed nearly 80% of people replacing their full-sized trucks plan to buy another full-size truck. That might be the highest loyalty rating in any market.

Why you probably don’t need a full-size truck

The truth is, most consumers and families aren’t working their trucks as they did in years past. Sure, plenty of people use trucks for their livelihood, but the overarching trend is pointing away from heavy-duty need. One report even showed that almost 70% of truck owners get their trucks off-road maybe once or less each year.

People are city and suburb dwellers now, with more town and highway driving as they make their work commutes. Consumers don’t need the major payload capacity or towing capabilities anymore. It may be fun to go off-road, but it’s looking like truck owners rarely do it. Folks need to occasionally haul some antique furniture and hook up the jet skis, but they certainly don’t need full-size pickups to do those things.

A cheaper alternative

The mid-size truck market has grown over the last few years. This is in part due to manufacturers bringing options to the stage with less bulk that don’t compromise on any of the true track capabilities people are looking for. It’s satisfying an itch among truck enthusiasts and it’s doing so and a smaller price tag than the full-size market.

Modern mid-size trucks bring all the best features of a truck, without the oversized extras. The mid-size truck can do it all for a significantly reduced price, too. A full-size truck can easily run into the $70,000 range and higher. If you could find a mid-size truck for half of that sticker price, would you consider dropping tiers?

Compromise between style and function

Full-size trucks are monsters on the road with fierce and loyal owners who refuse to drive anything else. But, for everyone else, it’s about lifestyle and function. You can find the perfect truck that fits your personality, seats your family, and hauls the snowmobile, without the excess. Some of the mid-size trucks are borderline luxury, as well. It boils down to knowing what your vehicle will need to do for you and what you’re willing to pay.

While you may not want to hear that you don’t potentially need that full-size behemoth, it may be worth considering your options if only for the sake of your wallet. The mid-size truck market has a wide selection of top-notch, capable trucks that can pull, haul, load, and carry what most everyone needs. Just know that if you opt for the full-size power, room, and capabilities, you’ll have to pay for them.