Does the Toyota Tacoma Have a Nice Interior?

Toyota made quite a few promises for the Tacoma concerning performance, handling, and even fuel economy as well as the time they put into the craftsmanship of the truck’s materials inside and out. Many reviewers have taken on the task to test out the 2019 Toyota Tacoma to see if it matches all the hype that it’s received.

While they put this pickup through thorough tests to check every detail this truck offers, for this article we’ll focus on how well the Tacoma interior holds up to the claims.

Pros of the Toyota Tacoma interior

U.S. News and World Report liked the overall quality of the interior materials, which they thought were sturdy and durable. They also said they liked the front seats because they were supportive and roomy enough for driving comfort. They felt the Entune infotainment system, that comes standard with this pickup, was user-friendly and touch responsive. The controls were easily accessible, making it pleasant to use. One feature that impressed them was the GoPro camera mount that’s built into the truck, which you don’t see with any of its competitor pickups.

The Toyota Tacoma offers a few different stereo options to play your favorite music. With their satellite and HD radios, as well as their JBL premium system, you’ll get pretty decent quality without paying for the expensive higher-end players. For a little more money, you can also get a wireless charger, navigational system, and a 7-inch display for your infotainment center.

Cons of the Toyota Tacoma interior

MotorTrend tested the Tacoma and found it a bit disappointing. For passenger comfort, it sorely lacks, especially for the rear passengers. The Access Cab trim seats four passengers and the Deluxe Cab can handle five. But, with the cramped legroom, it would make long trips very uncomfortable for both trim choices. reviewers felt the driver’s seat, which is so low to the floor, was just too odd without some sort of height adjustment. This would make it a bit hard to get used if you’re not familiar with it already.

Car and Driver wasn’t pleased with the lack of storage space available inside the cabin for your smaller items. There’s no carry-on space available if you have rear passengers, nor are there any decent storage cubbies to stash your coins, pens, tissues, and whatnot. The center console will hold some of your stuff, but not a lot. Even the door pockets seem unusable and only there for looks. They also didn’t like that the Tacoma doesn’t have a WIFI hotspot, or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These are must-haves for our modern pickups.

Overall impression

The Toyota Tacoma seems to have decent styling, safety features, and performance, but the interior cab looks to be their biggest downfall. As a daily driving pickup, comfort is of huge importance. The Tacoma doesn’t exactly deliver with the small passenger space. Plus, the lack of interior storage can cause a few headaches for those who take a lot of smaller items with them. At the end of the day, passenger comfort trumps road handling.

Both Motortrend and Car and Driver showed their disappointment for the 2019 Toyota pickup. They also didn’t care for the performance of the engine, transmission, and brake handling. While the Tacoma delivers in some areas, it doesn’t look like it competes at the levels other mid-size pickups are at. The base price is reasonable for a truck, but without decent legroom or overall cabin comfort, it doesn’t mean much.

The 2020 model should address some of these issues, but the question is whether it will be enough in light of what Ford, Chevy, and Honda bring to the table.