Does the Ford F-150 Raptor Have a Nice Interior?

The Ford Raptor is an absolute beast of a truck. Not much has changed from 2019 to 2020 in terms of design, as Ford adopted to fine-tune and perfect, rather than reform. It knows a good thing when it drives one. When tackling the off-road trails and sand dunes, this truck is fun and powerful to drive. Select from a variety of trim levels to meet your driving, hauling, and working needs.

We know the specs on how well the Ford Raptor handles whatever road you put in front of it, but what about the interior? Today, we’ll spend a little extra time, highlighting the Raptor’s interior offerings and discover if it’s as comfortable inside as it is beefy on the outside.

How it feels behind the Raptor’s wheel

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The interior, at least according to Car and Driver, is “laid-back” and contradicts the “macho visage” of the Raptor. The seating, while comfortable, seems more utility than it does luxury. Available features like heated and cooled seats and leather can make it more comfortable, however.

There are some pretty unique color palettes for the Raptor interior, as well. For 2020, Ford has interior packages that offer more aggressive suede looks and back support options, along with styling preferences. Check out the Blue Accent Package, for example, if the luxury feel isn’t your cup of tea.

Storing, cabin, & interior cargo

You have the option of Regular, SuperCrew and SuperCab configurations, depending on how much rear seating room you’d prefer. We found recommendations for the SuperCrew is the smartest choice to make use of the spacious back seat. The Raptor interior, from what we can tell, is considered roomy overall, but not expansive.

Interior cubby storage is handy and practical, but not enough to hold all the luggage. Making use of this truck’s 5.5-foot bed will more than do the trick in terms of loading and hauling gear. The interior components are more utility than they are luxurious, but you’ll definitely feel comfortable and a little higher class.

Technology & entertainment at your fingertips

The infotainment system for the Ford Raptor is great. The Sync 3 is reported to be easy-to-use, and supportive of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although some reviews we found, indicate some of the truck competitors in the market offered faster response times in tech. Sync 3 and an eight-inch screen comes standard on Raptor, along with 4G Wi-Fi, a rearview camera, and Sirius XM radio.

A few extra safety notable mentions: There are a few driver safety tech options worth noting here as well. Available lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist are handy when maneuvering this monster truck in traffic. Also available is the blind-spot monitor and the rear cross-traffic alert functions. Coming standard on all Raptors is both a forward-collision warning and auto emergency braking. It’s evident Ford spent a little extra time making sure Raptor drivers could drive safely in everyday settings.

So, is the Raptor interior nice?

For $70,000, yes, the Raptor’s interior is nice. It’s probably even a little more than nice. You’ll be comfortable with just the right amount of luxury, without undermining this hunky mid-size truck’s character. Some reviewers think this truck might be too much for most, considering the power and might the Raptor can bring. However, if you think it offers precisely what you need for lifestyle, work, and play, then the interior will probably be suitable for you, too.

If you’re considering a new Ford Raptor, you’re probably going to be more excited about how it works, drives, and handles the terrain. But, for those of you a little curious about the comfort level and connectivity on the inside, you won’t be disappointed either. Raptor’s interior is functional, roomy yet cozy, and offers everything you need to drive safely and have fun doing it. If you’re still not sure, take one for a test-drive.