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Jay Leno is one of Hollywood’s most informed car enthusiasts. As the host of Jay Leno’s Garage, he’s a self-proclaimed gearhead and proud owner of nearly 300 cars and motorcycles. Leno has earned the respect of collectors worldwide. But the famous TV personality recently shared his enthusiasm for a new ride, and it left fans totally unimpressed.

What Jay Leno posted to his Facebook page

Jay Leno road tests a 2005 Shelby Mustang GT
Jay Leno road tests a 2005 Shelby Mustang GT | Paul Harris/Getty Images

Ford recently announced plans for the Mustang Mach-E, a four-door electric crossover for 2021. Leno shared a short video and his enthusiasm — with heart-eyed emojis — to his Jay Leno’s Garage Facebook page.

He seems really excited about the prospect of an all-electric SUV type, especially one with the pony badge. The comments on his post, however, indicate the fans aren’t in agreement.

Fans respond to the Mustang E-Mach

When Ford announced its preparations for the Mustang E-Mach, it caused excitement and controversy. While most consumers welcome the new additions of EV models, some are more guarded about electric versions of their classic muscle cars.

On Jay Leno’s post alone, comments included, “Congratulations on destroying the most beautiful Ford of all time.” Another person posted, “Four doors means more mass and loss of rigidity in the chassis. That’s not a Mustang, it’s an overweight Shetland pony.”

While some fans embraced the concept, the overall opinion is that this crossover should have been given its own name. It’s just not representative of the Mustang brand at all.

What Jay Leno thinks about electric cars

Leno himself is a true believer in the transition away from gas-powered vehicles. He’s not been shy about supporting EV technology. In past interviews, the TV personality pointed out that moving to electric is a natural progression.

Steam power was dominant in the 1800s, and combustion engines reigned over the last hundred years. So, electric is a logical advance. Leno has also said he thinks children born today will likely experience gas engines as a rarity.

What can fans expect from the new Mustang E-Mach?

When Ford executives introduced the all-electric, Mustang Mach-E GT SUV in Hawthorne, California this week, they promised new tech, amazing performance, and affordable price tags. The automaker says fans can expect 459 hp and 612 pound-feet of torque, and it’ll reach 60 miles per hour in three seconds.

It will feature the famous Mustang design as well, including a rear hatch and long hood. So, for fans who may be leery of an electric model holding a torch to the muscle of the classic Mustang GT, Ford insists the Mach-E won’t disappoint.

The Ford teams are excited and have said they’ve found a combination of performance and green aspects that will marry perfectly in this model.

What about an electric Shelby?

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s speculation, supported by comments from Ford Performance Chief Engineer, that a Mach-E Shelby may be on the horizon, too. Again, those are only rumors. For now, we can enjoy the Shelby GT 500 in dealerships and test drive the Mustang Mach-E SUV later next year.

Jay Leno fans still love him and stand by their Mustangs. They just aren’t too sure how to feel about the new crossover electric version of their beloved brand.

We’ll have to wait to see how Mustang fans will react when the car hits the market late next year and early 2021. If the Mustang Mach-E is embraced like Jay thinks it will, we may be headed for his predicted version of the electric car future after all.