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If you haven’t heard of Ram Nation before, your first impression may just be that it’s a group of enthusiasts promoting their love of Rams. However, Ram Nation is more than a community of loyal truck owners. It’s a group of dedicated Ram supporters who collectively volunteer for the greater good. We couldn’t be more impressed with how neat this community really is.

What is Ram Nation?

Imagine a grassroots volunteer group showing up to a disaster area to offer supplies, services, and donations. Now imagine that this group is entirely comprised of Dodge Ram owners. This is Ram Nation.

Ram Nation attracts like-minded truck enthusiasts within the Dodge truck community to inspire volunteerism, support, and relief efforts, often worldwide. Considering Dodge truck owners are scattered all over the globe, it presents an opportunity to give back almost anywhere.

Who can be a part of Ram Nation?

Dealers and Dodge truck owners can join and accept the challenges routinely promoted within the group. Members can sign up and step up to help within their local communities to lend a hand and maybe even their truck. Join the ranks of fellow Ram fans, celebrities, dealerships, and truck owners who offer their time and assistance.

Giving back and charitable opportunities

What began as a good faith engagement has evolved into a volunteer corps of Ram enthusiasts on call for the next effort to step up. Here are a few examples of past collaboration efforts where Ram Nation members came to the aid of communities in need:

  • Joplin, Missouri tornado: In 2012, the Ram Nation idea was born in the wake of the devastating Joplin tornado. Ram truck owners showed up in mass with their vehicles and offered to help.
  • Texas floods: Ram Nation was ready to help the First Response Team of America in the recovery efforts of central Texas. Even a $100,000 Ram truck and FCA Foundation donation was made to assist both the Wimberley and San Marcos, Texas communities.
  • Baltimore, Maryland windstorm cleanup: Ram Nation members showed up at the Baltimore Humane Society to clean up facility grounds and remove downed trees after a major windstorm.
  • The 1.3 million volunteer hours challenge: Currently, Ram Nation is encouraging people to find veteran support opportunities in their areas. The goal is to log 1.3 million volunteer hours by Veterans Day 2020.

Dodge paving the way for volunteer efforts

Since it began, Dodge has looked to leverage the strong bond among Ram enthusiasts and their abilities to help others. Ram Nation brings individuals together and promotes opportunities across many platforms to unify charitable efforts.

While the members show up in droves to help families and relief workers, Dodge gives back too. Partnering with the FRTOA and FCA Foundation, Dodge has donated more than $300,000 to organizations. The automaker has also provided trucks, Ram 2500s, 3500s, and 5500s to first responders.

Wear the Ram badge proudly

Ram Nation members can be proud of their local efforts. Assorted “Built to Serve” gear is available online to help promote the volunteer corps and encourage others to join.

The “Built to Serve” theme is designed to invite new members, inspire Americans to help when they can, and solidify the roster of current Ram Nation-ists. Become a member and spread the word in your community.

It’s pretty amazing to see an automaker not only foster an environment of giving back but also make its own efforts as a company. What began as a simple act of rallying for relief, has since blossomed into an organization of Ram-loving consumers and dealers who can come together to make a difference.