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Here Are the 10 Worst States in the U.S. You Can Drive In

Aside from baseball, it seems as though driving is America’s favorite past time, especially during a global pandemic. However, according to the Office of Highway Policy Information, the cumulative amount of travel as of October 2020 was down 380 billion vehicle miles nationwide, which is a 13.9-percent decrease over 2019. But despite the fact that …
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Sedans & Coupes

These Modern Cars Definitely Won’t Spoil You With Too Many Features

A Reddit user recently posed a question on the social media platform: What modern cars are laughably unequipped from the factory? The user went on to explain that their vehicle was in the shop. They were currently driving their sibling’s SUV, the 2010 Jeep Patriot, which had neither power locks nor power windows. Other users chimed in about the features …
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The 10 Worst Cities for Driving in the U.S.

A recent Chicago Tribune article reports that cost of ownership is turning Americans away from their fascination with cars. But many still view driving as a necessary evil. And in certain cities, the driving is about as evil as it can get in these United States.  And even if public transportation is cheap and readily …
Automotive News

UK Wants Ban On All Private Vehicles By 2050. Yikes!

Even though Motorbiscuit is an enthusiast site first, you need to be tight with your friends and tighter with your enemies; so we present this as a public service and not an endorsement. The UK wants to ban ALL private vehicles by 2050 to meet Britain’s carbon-neutral goal.  We don’t mean just combustion engine vehicles. …
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Trucks & SUVs

7 Worst Car Picks for New Drivers

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time. The new driver has gained a measure of freedom and gets to pick out that first, special vehicle. It’s important to make good choices when selecting your first vehicle. Some vehicles have too much power for a new driver. Some vehicles need a bit more road experience than a …