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The 10 Worst Cities for Driving in the U.S.

A recent Chicago Tribune article reports that cost of ownership is turning Americans away from their fascination with cars. But many still view driving as a necessary evil. And in certain cities, the driving is about as evil as it can get in these United States.  And even if public transportation is cheap and readily …

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7 Worst Car Picks for New Drivers

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time. The new driver has gained a measure of freedom and gets to pick out that first, special vehicle. It’s important to make good choices when selecting your first vehicle. Some vehicles have too much power for a new driver. Some vehicles need a bit more road experience than a …

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Forbes’ Top 32 New Cars to Avoid

It’s that time of the year for Forbes’ “New Cars To Avoid” list. Is This Valid? Cars are a lot better than even 10 years ago, but there can still be some sorta-semi lemons in this year’s crop. The issues can range from dated designs to plunging resale values. Reliability can still be an issue, while …