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Cecilia Fields

Cecelia Fields is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit.

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A silver 2016 Acura ILX parked in front of a wood building with large windows and a sunset in the background
Tips, Tricks & Trends

The Best Used Acura Models You Can Buy These Days

Are you in the market for a luxury automobile? If so, it’s important to get the most for your money. So if you’re looking for a high-quality pre-owned vehicle, there are plenty of reasons to consider a used Acura. In 2019, Kelley Blue Book named the automaker “America’s Best Value Luxury Brand,” and if you …
2020 Tacoma TRD Pro
Trucks & SUVs

The Ford Ranger Still Can’t Measure Up to the Toyota Tacoma in 2021

For several years, the midsize-pickup segment has proven lucrative to automakers. During this time, the Toyota Tacoma has established itself as an industry leader. Will the Tacoma continue to dominate now that Ford has re-released the Ranger? A recent comparison from Kelley Blue Book provides all the details.  Ford Ranger specs The newly reintroduced Ranger …
A motorhome with bicycles on back at Valle Grande in Valles Caldera, Northern New Mexico, September 2010

Why You Should Never Buy an RV for Your Retirement

Planning for retirement naturally includes ideas of what to do afterward.  For many people, the thought of hitting the open road in an RV sounds delightful. After all, there’s no job stopping you from traveling, and downsizing your possessions is probably in your future anyway. But before you jump in and purchase an RV, there …
A pickup truck with a sign in the bed turning in a parking lot
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Why Does My Truck Squeak When I Turn?

Hearing your car or truck squeak is almost never a good thing. But what are the issues that could cause it to squeak while turning?
Red BMW automobile parked below a retaining wall in Lafayette, California, February 5, 2020
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Red Cars Really Aren’t More Likely to Get Stolen

Red is one car color that has consistently remained popular over the years and is found on every type of vehicle from minivans to sports cars. It would probably be even more desirable if it weren’t for the notion that red cars get pulled over more often and are also more likely to be stolen. …