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First introduced in 1984, the Cherokee XJ enjoyed a 17-year run before Jeep stopped making them in 2001. More than 2.1 million of these SUVs were sold, many of which are still on the road. Despite being out of production for nearly 20 years, the XJ Cherokee continues to be highly sought after.

Why are people still raving about this vehicle after all this time? Here is some basic information about the Jeep XJ Cherokee that will help you better understand why.

Style and design

The original XJ had a boxy appearance that many consider to be a classic. In fact, some believe that the Cherokee XJ’s design actually inspired other automakers. As stated in Automobile Magazine, it was “Possibly the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired.”

SUV designs have evolved tremendously since the last XJ was produced. Even so, a good number of people are still drawn to classic designs such as those found on the Jeep Cherokee XJ. When buyers are looking for something more traditional, they often go searching for a used XJ to help fill the void.

The Cherokee XJ had the perfect amount of simplicity

A major advantage when buying any used vehicle is the ability to perform repairs yourself. As vlogger Doug DeMuro of Autotrader notes, the Jeep XJ “has a design rooted in the 1980s, with not much that can break or go wrong.” He notes that the vehicle’s inline six-cylinder engine is one of Jeep’s most popular, and that it is known for being “largely unbreakable and easy to fix.”

The interior also contains very user-friendly features, with exposed screws that will allow even a novice to remove and replace trim. Jeep even designed the XJ in such a way that you will not have to remove any trim pieces when replacing the taillights or brake lights.


Many people are looking for a Jeep to take off-roading. Others want a dependable vehicle for hauling cargo and passengers. The XJ Cherokee has a 101″ wheelbase that makes it perfect for either scenario. The XJ’s versatility was a major reason why it also became a popular utility vehicle for police and emergency responders during the 1990s.

According to Off Road Xtreme, this vehicle is “just big enough for four doors and enough room to carry all your gear.” They further note that the XJ is “also just small enough to be maneuverable on trails.” Despite weighing only around 3,200 pounds, they claim that it is “super fun to drive on the street and surprisingly fast.”


Many used Cherokee XJs can be purchased rather inexpensively, with some models going for as little as $1,000. At the same time, a used Jeep XJ will hold its resale value relatively well, largely because they continue to be so popular. Some people may even argue that the XJ will actually increase in value the longer you own it.

When it comes to buying parts, there are still enough of these SUVs out there that finding replacements from a junkyard will not be all that difficult. If you can’t find parts at a junkyard, you will likely be able to pick up some affordable aftermarket choices. The fact that parts are inexpensive and repairs are easy for many people to make means that this Cherokee is surprisingly affordable to own and maintain.

Still a great value

The Jeep Cherokee XJ continues to be a very popular and well sought-after vehicle. If you are looking for an SUV with a classic style and simple features that is also very cost-effective to own, this model could be the right choice for you.

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