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Some of the worst cars ever made sent automakers into relative obscurity. Not every brand has the strength to survive a terrible car like Ford, GM, Toyota, and Volkswagen; they hedge their bets on a vehicle that simply never catches on in the market. With that in mind, here are some cars you may have never known about but were some of the worst ever made.

Have you ever heard of the 1957 Trabant? It’s one of the worst-made cars ever

Yellow 1957 Trabant, this was one of the worst-made cars ever
1957 Trabant | Wiki Commons

The 1957 Trabant P50 was built for the Communist party and introduced into East Germany in 1957. This car was terrible from the start, which is much of what we expect in Communist-controlled countries. The Trabant had an outdated two-stroke engine and a duroplast body. This car featured serious production shortages.

Can you imagine driving an FWD car that only makes 18 horsepower? That’s all this bare-bones, terrible car offered. Thankfully, it didn’t last, and neither did the company.

The 2003 Saturn Ion was one reason this brand disappeared

Silver 2003 Saturn Ion
2003 Saturn Ion | Wiki Commons

The Saturn brand was short-lived and a bit of an experiment from GM. Consumer Reports tells us the 2003 Saturn Ion was one of the worst-made cars ever built and part of why this brand didn’t survive beyond 2009. This car was noisy, built poorly, and had an awful performance. The interior was extremely cheap, which didn’t make it any more attractive.

The Saturn Ion delivered only 140 horsepower and had terrible driving dynamics. Overall, the Ion was a piece of junk with twelve recalls and was responsible for 13 deaths.

The Suzuki X-90 missed the mark and was one of the worst-made cars

Blue Suzuki X-90 Parked
Suzuki X-90 | Wiki Commons

Suzuki tried making a better sports car with the X-90, but they completely missed the mark. This car appeared in the 1990s and was one of the strangest-looking cars offered. Add the poor performance, and you’ve got a vehicle that was wrong and terrible at the same time. The X-90 was tiny and didn’t reach any desired sports car qualities.

If you were looking for speed and power, you wouldn’t drive the Suzuki X-90, but the automaker tried to push it like it was a sports car. This car should have been left in the trash can.

Great Britain played a cruel joke on drivers with the Reliant Robin

This Reliant Robin is a strange car and one of the worst
Reliant Robin | Wiki Commons

It might not have been a joke, except that the entire car was something to laugh at. The Reliant Robin was one of the worst-made cars ever built and one of the strangest offered. This car first arrived in 1973, and it only had three wheels. The lack of a fourth wheel led to terrible stability and safety results.

If you wanted a car that would topple over during a turn, the Reliant Robin could be counted on for this. Unfortunately, that’s about all this car was good for.

From start to finish, the Reva G-Wiz was one of the worst-made cars ever built

Silver Reva G-Wiz Parked
Reva G-Wiz | Wiki Commons

The Reva G-Wiz was recently popular for being a bomb in the Battleship game played by the hosts of The Grand Tour. Otherwise, this car was awful. This ugly minuscule electric car entered the market in 2001 and gave drivers nothing but fits. It was meant to hold four people but drivers were cramped when driving solo.

Another big problem with the Reva G-Wiz was the lack of control at higher speeds. As the car approached 50 mph, this car would weave out of control, creating a dangerous situation. It seems The Grand Tour team used this car for its singular purpose.

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