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Alicia McLaughlin

Alicia McLaughlin is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit.

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2018 F-150 Power Stroke Diesel driving on the road

How Much Does a New Ford F-150 Raptor Cost?

Are you ready to upgrade your pickup to Ford’s hottest truck? The Ford F-150 Raptor is flying off of dealerships across the country due to the widebody presence and dominance demanded by the F-150 Raptor. Most customers who choose to make this purchase found the price of the Raptor to be competitive among other pickups …
Thief Stealing Car

5 Best and 5 Worst Cities for Car Theft in the U.S.

Having your car stolen is a stressful situation unlike any other. Car theft is one of the more common crimes committed across the United States every day. The reasons that some use for stealing cars varies among thieves. Because of the stress and hassle it can cause, you’ll want to know which cities have fewer …

Five Awesome Facts About Dodge’s New Charger Hellcat Widebody

Dodge recently announced a new widebody version of the fire-breathing Charger Hellcat, and we have to say, it looks awesome. In addition to the widebody kit, the latest Challenger will also be equipped with an upgraded interior from the standard Charger and new technology that assist with driver acceleration and safety. Here are five things …