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When bikers take on the open road, they should carry motorcycle insurance with them. While this necessary expense protects you from large costs later, the price for a policy can vary. For those looking for a quality motorcycle insurance policy at an affordable price, there are several options to choose from, according to Value Penguin.

For motorcycle enthusiasts: Markel Specialty

Some bikers enjoy collecting motorcycles or enjoy riding sportier versions. For the more difficult-to-insure types, Markel Specialty is ideal. From scooters and mopeds to street bikes and dirt bikes, all two-wheeled vehicles are eligible for insurance with Markel. It even offers discounts for customers who own more than one motorcycle.

Also, for each year the carrier continues to be accident-free, their deductible is reduced until it reaches $0, making it one of the more affordable options available.

For custom bikes: Foremost Insurance

Many bikers enjoy owning a custom motorcycle unlike any other on the highway. Custom bikes are a hot commodity, but they also require substantial coverage due to each bike’s unique parts. With Foremost insurance, motorcycle owners are able to take on extra coverage for custom parts on their bikes at no additional cost. Other insurance policies will require these coverages to come at an additional cost.

For the occasional rider: Dairyland

While some motorcyclists take their bikes out regularly, others only ride occasionally. For those riders, Dairyland has a policy that can be modified throughout the year to fit the driving habits of each motorcycle owner. This is affordable motorcycle insurance for those who may live in the United States for only a portion of the year or choose to ride during a certain time.

For the best general policy: Progressive

With Progressive Insurance, customers are able to take advantage of more discounts and add-on options than most other insurance agencies. Some of the add-ons offered through this policy are free and continue to grow based upon the loyalty and length of the customer’s policy.

One of the highlighted parts of a Progressive policy is accident forgiveness, which attracts thousands of customers annually. The potential to customize this policy makes it a great option overall.

For the cheapest motorcycle insurance: Geico

Rated as the most affordable or cheapest motorcycle insurance option, Geico is a top choice. States with the most bikers, like Florida, see a lot of policies from this national insurance company. Since Geico offers numerous discounts to motorcycle owners, it’s able to lead in terms of affordability.

You can receive a loyalty discount if you switch to Geico from another company or maintain a policy with Geico. Those who choose this insurance company can also pay in installments, which some other organizations don’t allow.