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The glory days of muscle cars from the 1960s were in the past. Many cars made in the 1970s didn’t have the desired power or drive. This decade gave us the oil crisis, new regulations which caused low-powered engines, and massive foreign competition. Still, some of the most hated cars from the 1970s were much better than we remember.

The Chevrolet Vega was a huge flop and one of the most hated cars of the 1970s

Yellow 1973 Chevrolet Vega GT
1973 Chevrolet Vega GT | Wiki Commons

The Chevy Vega’s original design was considered one of the ugliest cars in the market. Everything else in its class offered better design elements and gave most drivers more power. That said, this car can be found at many cars shows with massive engine swaps giving it pure and impressive V8 power that can rocket this car to high speeds. A large selection of aftermarket parts are available to modify this car easily, and the Vega is now a collector’s car, according to

Nobody wanted the AMC Pacer in the 1970s, but they do now

Silver AMC Pacer
AMC Pacer | Wiki Commons

Classic cars restored to original quality and detail are admired and desired in many corners of the auto market. The AMC Pacer wasn’t as popular as the Gremlin in the 1970s; in fact, the Pacer was one of the most hated cars of the decade. Still, this car offered advanced design elements and relatively impressive fuel mileage, giving AMC a step ahead of other automakers, even though it wasn’t enough to keep AMC from becoming extinct a few years later.

The Plymouth Sapporo was meant to take on Toyota but became a 1970s hated car

Red Plymouth Sapporo
Plymouth Sapporo | Wiki Commons

You might not have ever heard of the Plymouth Sapporo. Today, this car is extremely rare to find. It was originally meant to take on the early versions of the Toyota Corolla, but it fell short in every area. The four-cylinder engine was supposed to be refined and quiet, but Hemmings tells us the added smog equipment hampered performance to an unacceptable level. The interior wasn’t much better. Surprisingly, the Plymouth Sapporo has gained traction with enthusiasts as a unique offering at many car shows.

Drivers hated the Chevy Chevette in the 1970s, but this car is popular now

Blue Chevrolet Chevette parked on grass
Chevrolet Chevette | Wiki Commons

The underpowered hatchback that is the Chevy Chevette is considered one of the most frowned-upon cars from this brand. Most drivers didn’t understand why GM made this car. The Chevette was a stripped-down compact car without anything for drivers to enjoy. That said, the Chevette survived as the entry-level Chevy model for many years. This car is now one of the most desirable collector’s cars, becoming a showpiece for many owners.

The Subaru Brat had a tough time gaining traction

Blue Subaru Brat Parked by some trees
Subaru Brat | Wiki Commons

One of the most hated cars of the 1970s was the Subaru Brat. This small car was supposed to take on another hated car, the Chevrolet El Camino. The Brat was small and a car/truck combination that seemed to be useful but not loved at all. This small car wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it did offer decent functionality. Although most hated the Subaru Brat, it offered good fuel mileage and AWD to make it a versatile vehicle that was much better than we remember.

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This article was updated on 12/8/2022.