Over the years, cars have changed in many different ways. Some cars are unforgettable, like the one JFK was shot in. Many historic cars are still displayed in museums, just like Jeep, vintage car and bike museums, and museums that even started as a private collection. Each of these vehicles holds a piece of history with them.

When cars first began, they were very primitive compared to what we know today. Most people are familiar with what horsepower is when it comes to automotive. When steam engines were popular, people compared their power to how many horses would be its equivalent.

As cars progressed, the term horsepower stuck around as a way to convince people that it was cheaper to purchase the vehicles available and maintain them than the same amount of horses it would take to create that much power. From motorsports once being a part of the Olympics to the invention of AWD and 4WD, historic cars are a fountain of knowledge and interest.

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