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The Lincoln Continental is a luxury car icon of mixed reputation. Many people wince at its lines as they remember a public presidential assassination, while others revere it in good guy Hollywood acts like the appropriately-named “Lincoln Lawyer.” However, a more classic association is to consider the Lincoln Continental a ganger’s mount. So, is the Lincoln Continental a gangster car from early beginnings through 1967 to 2020? Or is the long-body Lincoln just a car that fits the bill for good guys and baddies alike?

Is the Lincoln Continental a gangster car?

A powder-blue Lincoln Continental shows off its gangster car proportions and light paintwork.
A fourth-generation Continental | Getty Images

The Lincoln Continental has a long tradition of Hollywood appearances, including screen time as a gangster car. For instance, the 1941 Continental from the timeless mafia movie classic, “The Godfather,” was a properly villainous mount for Sonny Corleone. 

Beyond the early 40s classic, the fifth-generation Continental made an appearance in the 2007 movie, “American Gangster.” Regardless of the generation, the Continental is a quintessential gangster car. 

Why is the Lincoln Continental a good gangster car?

Depending on the generation, the Lincoln Continental has serious chops among gangster cars. The long, striking body of the fourth-generation Continentals from the 1960s springs to mind, eliciting a timeless image of mafiosos emerging from its carriage doors.

However, while the Continentals of yesteryear emanate style, they might not be the best getaway cars. Sure, carriage doors seem like an easy way to board the land yacht, but some fourth-generation models weighed 5,300 lbs. As a result, the long-body Lincolns wouldn’t get you anywhere with urgency. 

Even the modern, freshly-discontinued 2020 Lincoln Continental is a solid prospect for pin-stripe-clad gangsters of yesteryear. It’s longer and more luxurious than an LD-platform Chrysler 300. Moreover, with as much as 400 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6, it’s much quicker than the land yacht Continentals of old, if also less charming. Finally, with 16.7 cubic feet of cargo volume, there’s plenty of trunk space for, well, gangster things.  

What movie has a Lincoln Continental?

The Lincoln Continental has appeared in many major Hollywood movies, not just cult mafia films. For instance, actor and Top Gear America host Dax Shepard showed off his own 1967 Lincoln Continental in the 2012 movie, “Hit and Run.”

Of course, Shepard’s Continental is far from stock; the 1967 Continental packs a fuel-injected 521 cubic-inch Ford Racing V8, per MotorTrend. Consequently, Shepard’s luxury sleeper car certainly doesn’t go like the lazy Continentals of the late sixties. Beyond Shepard’s car, square-body Continentals looked the part in everything from “Goldfinger” to “The Matrix.” 

What is the best classic gangster car?

The Lincoln Continental, generation notwithstanding, radiates luxe and style. It’s a must for the classic gangster and their you’re-not-fooling-anyone violin case. However, if you’re looking for a getaway car, you might be better off with a Mini from “The Italian Job” or a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat from “Baby Driver.”

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