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The S650 Ford Mustang GT arrived with the most horsepower of any Coyote-powered GT. However, even with a welcomed bump in power, the GT doesn’t hit the 500-horsepower mark. So, if the GT, and the Dark Horse for that matter, doesn’t produce enough gusto for you, supercharged Mustangs from storied sources will produce mass quantities of asphalt-cracking power.

Shelby, Saleen, Hennessey. You’ve got options for a supercharged Mustang on the S650 platform

Sure, there aren’t any factory supercharged Mustangs on the S650 platform yet. That’s right, no Shelby GT500 yet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get hellacious horsepower from a Ford Mustang GT or Dark Horse. As with previous generations, performance houses like RTR, Shelby, Saleen, and Hennessey already offer supercharger options to push a V8 Mustang’s power into the stratosphere. 

Let’s start with the Ford Mustang’s oldest and most sacred performance partnership: Shelby. Shelby American recently unveiled the Super Snake package for the S650 Ford Mustang. The package adds go-fast goodies like aero and suspension. Of course, Carroll Shelby famously said “There is never enough horsepower– just not enough traction.” As such, the Super Snake’s 3.0L Whipple supercharger balloons the Mustang’s horsepower figure to over 830.

The new Shelby Super Snake Mustang on the S650 platform takes a corner.
The new S650 Super Snake | Shelby American

If Saleen is more of your flavor, the company now offers a 2024 Saleen 302 Black Label. It’s unmistakably a Mustang, but also reminiscent of past supercharged Saleen Mustang models. A celebratory model marking 40 years of Saleen, the supercharged Mustang Saleen 302 Black Label summons 800 horsepower. However, an 800-horsepower Saleen Mustang isn’t going to come cheap; the California brand says it will start at $108,990.

John Hennessey is obsessed with speed. His namesake company, Hennessey, has its eyes set on speed records with its hypercar, the Venom F5. However, Hennessey also tweaks domestic vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Jeep Trackhawk, Audi R8 V10, and of course, the Ford Mustang.

For instance, Dark Horse owners who aren’t pleased with the model’s 500 factory horsepower can commission an H850 package for their ‘Stang. As the name suggests, the Texas-based performance house will endow the Dark Horse with 850 horsepower courtesy of a supercharger and other performance kit.