Movie Car Monday: Meet The Lincoln Lawyer Lincoln

The new Netflix TV adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer is gaining popularity, and with it, a classic blue sedan. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s character Mickey Haller’s timeless Lincoln Continental is an appropriate mount given the gritty demeanor of the crime drama. However, the show isn’t all Los Angeles death and crime; it is also a couple of good-looking cars, with the Continental leading the way. 

What is The Lincoln Lawyer car? 

Haller’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible is a testament to cool, old-school Americana. First, the character has a sky-blue example of the timeless classic, an unorthodox yet welcome departure from the Hollywood noir typecasting of the car. In addition to the color choice, Haller’s Continental is a convertible. The convertible top compliments the pleasing   However, spectators quickly notice that this is no dainty cruiser. Haller’s character adorned the big Lincoln with a personalized license plate that reads “NTGUILTY.” That is a pretty cheeky personal plate for a lawyer. 

Movie Car Monday meet The Lincoln Lawyers Lincoln
A 1964 Lincoln Continental | National Motor Museum, Getty Images

Where does Haller drive his American classic?

Where better to show off the Lincoln land yacht’s beautiful straight lines and light pastel hue than in Southern California? Haller, a lawyer himself, inherited a law practice from his late partner, Jerry Vincent. He now cruises the urban landscape of LA in his 1964 Lincoln Continental practicing law and dealing with the murder of his friend.  

Why would The Lincoln Lawyer drive a classic Continental?

The 1964 Lincoln Continental is an ambassador of cool. The car is long, plush, and menacing. However, the Continental’s party piece is right in the center of the vehicle. Specifically, the car features coach doors, popularly referred to as “suicide doors.” The doors open toward one another, creating a cavernous opening for passengers to get in and out of the car. It is a seriously cool look on a classic luxury car like Haller’s Continental. If the looks weren’t enough, Haller likely loves his Continental for its luxury and value. Although the big vehicle is on the rise in value, Hagerty says you can get a decent example for around $30,000. 

Movie Car Monday meet The Lincoln Lawyers Lincoln Continental
A classic Lincoln Continental | Jack Taylor, Getty Images

In addition to The Lincoln Lawyer, the big American car already has fame and name recognition. Perhaps the most famous car is the classic convertible Continental that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when assassinated. However, it isn’t all bad news. The big car has been the vehicle of choice of American Presidents for decades, including Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

Hollywood loves the Continental as well. It has been featured in classic films as well as modern blockbusters. Superfans can refer back to the Matrix franchise, where they will find a black Continental hard-top flaunting its coach doors. 

Is the 1964 Lincoln Continental the only car in The Lincoln Lawyer? 

In addition to Mickey Haller’s classic Continental,  the show features a few Lincolns, including two Navigators. According to HITC, both SUVs sport their own silly license plates: “DISMISSED” and “IWALKEM.” Also, one of the latest episodes featured a pre-production Fisker EMotion. The Fisker electric vehicle (EV) is a four-door sports sedan with the ubiquitous Tesla Model S in its sights. 

If you want to read more about big, classic American cars, scroll down to the following article. 

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