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You can probably hear the synthy theme music at the mere mention of Knight Rider. But just as memorable as the Knight Rider theme song is the black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and its on-board artificial intelligence (AI), KITT. However, times have changed. Siri can handle several of the tasks that KITT performed to aid David Hasselhoff in his crusade for justice. 

Years later, KITT from Knight Rider might just be David Hasselhoff’s first glimpse of Siri

The “Knight 2000 Microprocessor,” or the AI brain behind the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am in Knight Rider could do all sorts of crazy things for its driver, or “Knight.” Upon David Hasselhoff’s demand, KITT could use electronic jamming architecture to disable hostile vehicles. Beyond countermeasures, the intelligent muscle car had a turbo boost facility which would allow the car to vault through the air, per Volo Cars.

However, artificial intelligence isn’t science fiction like it was in the 1980s. Today, car drivers can use Amazon Alexa or Siri in hundreds of different models, from the now-discontinued Chrysler 300 to a 2023 Indian Chieftain touring motorcycle. Better yet, the AI-equipped digital assistants will do everything from finding you the next available gas station to prioritizing your favorite playlist. 

A replica KITT from Knight Rider resembling the one David Hasselhoff drove in the show shows off its interior.
A KITT replica’s interior | Herencias via iStock

OK, there are a few things KITT could do that you won’t accomplish with Siri or Amazon Alexa. You’re not going to get anywhere asking Siri to use on-board flamethrowers or flares. That, and Amazon Alexa probably isn’t going to allow you to use a grappling hook in your 2023 Chevrolet Corvette. However, you could tell Siri to call you Michael Knight. I’m just saying. 

“I can’t believe this. A car that talks back to me.” Thus began the relationship between David Hasselhoff and his sentient 80s muscle car. Check out the clip below to get a glimpse at the first time Hasselhoff hit the streets with KITT in Knight Rider.