2021 Subaru Ascent hauling an RV
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Is Hill Descent Control Useful at All?

Automobiles have been around for over a hundred years. They’re continually upgraded with the latest safety technology to offer a reliable but safe car, truck, or SUV to drive.  One of the newest features most SUVs now have has been around for a while. The hill descent control originated with a Land Rover Vehicle, but it’s seen in many …

The logo of the Munich car manufacturer BMW can be seen on a car
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Why Are BMW Drivers So Aggressive?

Contrary to any clichés, we believe that there are many different types of people in this world. But if we had to quantify and separate people into car groups, we would say there are three types of people: Prius drivers, BMW drivers, and everyone else. The Toyota Prius drivers go slow in the fast lane, …