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For most of us, driving is a daily, mundane activity that takes us from point A to point B. Typically, that means leaving home to go to work or run errands. It doesn’t take long to forget why you wanted your driver’s license, but some roads can remind you. Make one of these five roads part of the adventure when it’s time for your spring break road trip.

The Triple Nickel

Ohio State Route 555 is also called “The Triple Nickel,” and is a 62-mile stretch of road across southeast Ohio. If your spring break road trip takes you across the Midwest, add this route to your journey. This road twists and turns through the hills offering some long straights where you can put your food down a little. This could be the perfect road to add to your journey and make it more fun.

Route 101

California Route 1 is one of the country’s most popular road trip roads, but a lesser known but still picturesque coastal road is Route 101. This amazing route takes you along the coastline of Northern California, through Oregon, and into Washington, arriving at Tumwater. The ocean-side beauty is incredible, and if you stop in Long Beach in Washington, you’ll enjoy an extremely cool beach drive.

Gorgeous Highway at Sunrise could be a great spring break road trip route.
Gorgeous Highway at Sunrise | iStock images/den-belitsky

Tail of the Dragon

Take your spring break road trip through North Carolina and Tennessee, where one of the most harrowing roads awaits you. US 129 is a twisting and winding road that’s only 11 miles long but has 318 curves. This makes it one of the curviest roads in the entire country. Don’t expect to drive fast, but expect some fun during your road trip to your vacation destination.

Pikes Peak Highway

Yes, it’s that Pikes Peak, and it’s worth the $15 toll to enter it and enjoy the amazing climb or descent. This road is part of the Grand Turismo video game and is home to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where drivers have challenged the road for more than 100 years. Driving this amazing road in Colorado gives you some great stories to tell when you reach your destination.

Michigan Highway 22

When you want a coastal drive but you’re not taking your spring break road trip to California, Michigan Highway 22 could do the trick. This route takes you alongside Lake Michigan. Admire the beauty of this Great Lake from behind the wheel. The route starts at Onekama and heads north 117 miles along the lake’s coastline. A stop at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is worth your time and a great way to enjoy part of your vacation.

Will you make one of these incredible roads part of your next spring break road trip?

Source: Car and Driver