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Viral videos of Tesla drivers using Apple Vision Pro are circulating, and it has folks both in awe and total outrage.

One video posted by X user Dante/@lentinidante shows himself using the mixed reality headset while driving his Telsa. In the 25-second video, he engages with the headset UX with both hands, meaning hands-free Tesla driving. This was on a multi-lane highway, with other cars shown passing. At the end of the video, he’s being surrounded by law enforcement. The video has over 24 million views.

A man wears an Apple Vision Pro while another man in a yellow wool hat holds an iPhone up to his headset
The Apple Vision Pro user guide warns that users will have impaired vision | Photo by Fatih Aktas/Anadolu via Getty Images

Another video posted by X user blake/@blakestonks the next day shows a Tesla Cybertruck driver filmed from a passing car. The CT driver is using an Apple Vision Pro. The driver can be seen lightly tapping the truck’s steering wheel to keep it straight. The driver has both hands engaging with the headset at multiple points. This video has over 16 million views.

The Apple Vision Pro User Guide warns that vision is impaired

While some have accused the drivers of PR stunting and/or staging without the headsets being turned on, they’re likely actually using them while driving. What’s more, this is incredibly dangerous. The Apple Vision Pro User Guide gives us insights. It states, “Immersive experiences or loss of device power will block your ability to see.”

The user guide also says directly, “Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.”

One X user, Amir/@WorkaholicDavid, forecasted this dangerous use case back in January by posting an image of the headset with the caption, “Why do I feel like some morons will wear this while driving?”

Source: Apple Vision Pro User Guide