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Ever wonder how some lawns look too good to be real? Turns out getting thick, even, and healthy grass isn’t as hard as it looks. TikToker DadAdviceFromBo gives four easy lawn mowing tips to achieve a yard you and your neighbors will admire. What’s more, this is all chemical-free advice.

Bo’s tips [embedded below] are very simple but not necessarily intuitive.

Mow often in the spring, less often in the summer

Bo says to mow a couple of times a week in the spring. He also says to cut it short. By close-cutting, he explains, the grass will shift from trying to grow up to growing out. In a word, cutting the grass short encourages spreading.

In the summer heat, mow once a week or less. Keep the grass longer so that it shades itself from the harsh sun.

A push lawn mower being operated by someone wearing black pants walking towards camera view of partially cut grass and uncut grass
Mowing a lawn | stoncelli via iStock

Change mowing directions every time

Pick a different driving pattern every mow. If you go north-south one week, mow east-west the next. Then, maybe mow diagonal. Keep it interesting.

By pivoting directions each time you mow, you’ll avoid the “comb-over” look.

Inspect the ends of your cut grass

Bo says that after cutting, check the condition of the grass ends. If they are frayed or look torn, this is an indication that your lawn mower blades are dull. Get them sharpened or replaced.

Leave grass clippings on the lawn

According to Bo, bagging your grass removes natural mulch for the lawn. Be sure not to skip mows, though, or the clippings will get too thick and suffocate the live grass.


How to have a good lawn, mowing edition ? 1️⃣ Mow often in the Spring, less in the hot summer 2️⃣ Change the pattern you mow each time (doesn’t matter which way) 3️⃣ Check the texture to see if it’s time to sharpen or change your blades (I have a video on this from April) 4️⃣ Let your grass shavings act as mulch (only if you can mow often) After a few too many broken mowers, I finally switched to a @Cub Cadet USA mower and It’s so smooth and quick that I now mow the neighbor’s lawn too ? Love, Dad #cubcadetpartner

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