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Keeping a valid driver’s license is necessary for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. This is because it’s illegal to drive without one. However, several factors could result in a suspended driver’s license. Of course, most reasons have to do with road safety violations. Unfortunately, a person’s driver’s license could be suspended without them knowing despite the DMV sending notices.

Here are the main reasons your driver’s license could be suspended.

A suspended driver’s license could be the result of safety issues

Perhaps the most common reasons your driver’s license could be suspended have to do with driving infractions. Typically, there have to be repeated violations, but some could be serious enough that it only takes one time. Being caught driving without car insurance is one reason the DMV could suspend your license. Of course, most states require at least minimal coverage.

Driver's license suspended
Person handing their driver’s license | Anastasija Vujic via iStock

People caught driving under the influence may also have their driver’s license suspended. This one is a no-brainer, as it puts everyone on the road at risk. Of course, there are various ways to define this based on the circumstances, as it can be called DUI, but it can also be called driving while intoxicated or operating while intoxicated.

Reckless driving is another reason why the DMV may take this action against a driver. Of course, this is a broad term. However, according to Bankrate, it typically involves “a blatant disregard for safety and consequences while operating a vehicle.” Notably, there isn’t always a car accident as a result of reckless driving. Reckless driving can also include fleeing from law enforcement.

Many don’t realize it, but your driver’s license could be suspended due to failure to maintain certain financial obligations. For example, the DMV in some states will take this action for people who miss child support payments. Another common reason this could happen is failure to pay traffic tickets.

Beyond financial, a few other circumstances could result in the DMV suspending your driver’s license. One big one is illegal use of a license, which includes loaning your document to anyone for any reason. If caught, you could lose your driving privileges. Additionally, some states use a point system to document driving infractions. Too many points will result in losing your license.

Of course, suspensions are usually temporary, and there are steps drivers can take to have their privileges reinstated. These steps could include fines, courses, and getting SR-22 insurance.

Ensuring that your driver’s license is clean is paramount, as the penalties for driving without one can be massive. A person could have their driver’s license suspended for any number of reasons and not know it. Luckily, most states have an official website through the DMV where drivers can check their license status. Additionally, it’s necessary to follow the rules of the road and to ensure your vehicle is insured.