A silver 2021 Porsche Boxster 25 Years driving down a highway with a body of water behind them.
2021 Porsche Boxster 25 Years | Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

The first Porsche Boxster was introduced in 1996, its first concept in 1993. The current generation of this model is the Porsche 718. The model is a mid-engine two-seater roadster that packs ample power. The model comes as a 718 Boxster, 718 Boxster T, S, GTS 4.0, and 25 Years. These cars are fantastic sports car options. They are great at handling, with excellent driving dynamics and a generous amount of luggage space with two luggage compartments.

The Boxster 25 years celebrates 25 years of history for the car with four generations under its belt. It brings in both the past and present with inspiration from the 1993 concept study that started the era.

This is an excellent option for individuals who appreciate speed and agile handling. As a two-seater sports car, it is not made to be an everyday driver, and individuals with families will not be able to travel together. However, this is a great option for those who enjoy the classic style.


  • 2022 Porsche 718 Boxster (Starting MSRP: $62,600)
  • Pro: It is a mid-engine two-seater that has great driving dynamics.
  • Con: It is not made to be an everyday driver as it can be a rougher ride and passenger space is limited.
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