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A Porsche Boxster/Cayman (R) sits on display after being named the 2013 World Performance Car of the Year at the New York Auto Show on March 28, 2013, in New York City.
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A Nice Porsche Doesn’t Have To Cost You a Fortune

Have you ever dreamed of one day being able to afford a luxury sports car or sport sedan? With new vehicle prices at all-time highs and dealers trying to make room for new inventory, used vehicles are a great option. When they’re priced between $25,000 and $30,000, buying a pre-owned Porsche should definitely be on …

2021 TLX A-Spec
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The 2021 Acura TLX Disappoints in a Surprising Area

The old saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” If you know a lot about cars, you know you should never judge one solely by its exterior. This applies to the new Acura TLX, according to several reviewers. In a recent review of the 2021 Acura TLX, MotorTrend said, “The TLX’s sheet metal …

Dodge Challenger in warm colors like orange, yellow, and red
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Top 5 AWD Sports Cars in 2020

Most of the best sports cars on the market are all-wheel-drive (AWD) and for a good reason. AWD powertrains provide better traction when accelerating or driving on a slippery road. Sports cars like the Nissan GT-R and Audi A5 appeared and out dragged and out cornered the fastest rear-wheel drive (RWD) muscle cars. Since the beginning, manual transmissions, roaring engines, and …

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe in the road with trees
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Just When the Hyundai Santa Fe Got Good, Sales Started Declining

Despite the COVID-19 stimulus package and sweet vehicle discounts and financing deals, major automakers reported sharp drops in the second quarter. Analysts estimate second-quarter U.S. vehicle sales are projected to have fallen by about one-third. One car company that has suffered significant drops in sales is Hyundai. The top-rated 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, for example, was beginning …

2020 GMC Terrain Denali driving
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The 2021 GMC Terrain Failed To Distinguish Itself

The midsize crossover SUV is a jammed-packed segment. It requires a lot of ingenuity and innovation to stand out among the tens of contenders on the market. On a global scale, auto manufacturers are contending against dozens of crossover SUV types. The top five midsize crossover SUVs ranking high in space, comfort, performance, looks, and technology come from …

2021 Kia Seltos driving in the forest
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It’s Clear Who Should Buy a Kia and Who Should Buy a Hyundai

If you’ve been paying attention to the various competitions among carmakers, you should know Kia and Hyundai run neck-to-neck. Not only that, but they’re both top contenders in more than one category. It’s hard to imagine these automakers were once considered mediocre at best. Now we’re seeing sites like Kelly Blue Book comparing the Hyundai Genesis G70 to the …

2020 Lexus RX 350 driving through the city near an apartment building
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The 3 Most Reliable 2020 Vehicles for Your Family

If you’re in the market for a new car this year, it’s safe to say you rightfully expect reliability. After all, purchasing an automobile is among the most expensive investments you’ll make in a lifetime. It should provide you and your family with years of trouble-free operation while being something you enjoy. Some prefer SUVs for their family …

Mini Cooper driving over a crosswalk
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Each of the Most Common Mini Cooper Problems Cost Thousands to Fix

The Mini or Mini Cooper (stylized as MINI on emblems) made its debut in 1969 in Britain. It was initially manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) until 1994 when BMW acquired the brand. Even after BMW took over production and began featuring traditional BMW characteristics, it remained an icon of the 1960s. Some car enthusiasts consider …

Tesla Pickup Truck
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Electric Tesla Pickup Truck Reportedly Coming in November

Tesla has long been the figurehead and pioneer of electric vehicles. It has made big promises for the future and, while not always living up to those promises, has certainly inspired the vehicle industries toward an electric future. However, one of Tesla’s biggest problems with the general populace is its focus on luxury cars, high …

2019 Buick Regal TourX
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4 Cool Used Station Wagons for Less than $30,000

Station wagons may not be cool, but they’re among the most utilitarian vehicles available. At least, they used to be available. Station wagons have fallen distinctly out of mainstream favor in the last decade, seeing even the iconic hatchback Prius drop its station-wagon shape for a more sedan-like style over the past few years. For …