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Although gas prices seem to be rising at incredible rates, pickup trucks still remain a popular vehicle of choice. Trucks offer practicality, utility, and a commanding presence on the road, so it makes sense why Americans have an appreciation for them. Pickups have long been available in a variety of cab configurations, allowing buyers to get the interior space that their lifestyle requires. So what are crew cabs, standard cabs, and extended cabs? Plus, which is the correct pick for you?

Cab sizes have different names depending on the brand

Depending on which manufacturer you are looking at, you may notice that most automotive brands have different names for cab configurations. Despite this, most of these names can be applied with generic terms. 

Whether you are a private buyer or have commercial needs, it is important to ensure that the truck you are buying is ready to handle your needs. Especially because today’s trucks are certainly not cheap. 

Some truck cabs offer four full-size doors, while others may only have two. Depending on what you want from your pickup, which one you pick will vary. 

What is a standard cab truck?

A standard cab truck comes with two doors and just a single row of seating. Generally speaking, standard cabs are only available for trucks that are at the bottom of the trim level. They are fairly popular with fleets and they can really only seat about two or three passengers. 

A Ford F-150 truck with a standard cab shows off its capability.
2022 Ford F-150 | Ford

A major benefit of a standard cab is increased cargo capacity. Instead of focusing on space for passengers, the bed will usually be longer than the ones found on trucks with larger cabs. Plus, because standard cabs are limited to basic trucks, they are also cheaper. 

Currently, according to U.S. News, Chevy, Ford, and GMC are the only manufacturers that still build this kind of truck. And that makes sense, outside of commercial use, this style may not be all that practical. 

What is an extended cab truck?

Much like its name implies, an extended cab has a larger interior space. These trucks will have a second row to help fit more passengers and to increase interior cargo capacity. While it may look like these pickups have four doors or even just two doors, they do come with two smaller rear doors. 

A blue 2022 Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck is driving off-road.
The 2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

When it comes to Ford and Nissan, extended cabs mean rear-hinged back doors. But other brands may offer forward-hinged doors which might be slightly more convenient. Most manufacturers offer some form of an extended cab pickup truck. This means buyers can get a pickup that fits their needs. 

What is a crew cab truck?

By far, crew cab trucks offer the most spacious interiors in the truck segment. Because they come with larger rear doors, it is easier for rear passengers to enter and exit the truck. Crew cabs are often available to higher trim levels in a truck’s lineup.

A green 2022 Nissan Frontier compact pickup truck with 9.4 inches of ground clearance parked near a mountain range forest
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan Motor Corporation

This design does come with a slight drawback though. The bed of a crew cab truck may be shorter in order to provide more cab space. But for some buyers, that sacrifice might be worth it to some buyers.


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