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When it comes to buying a new truck, the possibilities are endless. Primarily due to the endless configurations available on said pickup trucks. If you are looking for a cheap pickup truck, check out these configurations. Certain old truck favorites made the list, like the 2022 Ford Ranger and the 2022 Toyota Tacoma, but some newcomers are here to give buyers more options.

The 2022 Ford Ranger is one of the cheapest pickup trucks available

The 2022 Ford Ranger is one of the cheapest pickup trucks for 2022
The 2022 Ford Ranger is one of the cheapest pickup trucks for 2022

When it comes to the 2022 Ford Ranger, Car and Driver found that the truck managed to come in more affordable than some other similar options on the market. While buyers can undoubtedly ramp up the additions on the trim levels and add-ons, the XL trim extended cab is still pretty affordable. The new Ranger is one of the cheapest pickup trucks for the new year, so get that order in STAT!

Configuration: XL trim level, extended cab, 4×2

Starting price: $26,580

There is a trim level that makes the 2022 Toyota Tacoma one of the cheapest pickup trucks on the market

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is an obvious choice for solid pickup trucks. It isn’t always the cheapest pickup truck, but the SR trim level with the extended cab is still reasonable. As far as reliability goes, you can’t really beat the Tacoma. The Utility Package removes the rear seats and some other additions to take another $1,715 off the base price. The Tacoma is a popular truck which can drive the price up, but with this configuration, you can make it one of the cheapest pickup trucks available.

Configuration: SR trim level, extended cab, 4×2, with Utility Package

Starting price: $26,000

The 2022 Nissan Frontier is a cheap pickup truck option

The Frontier is usually one of the cheapest pickup trucks on the market, but the 2022 Nissan Frontier jumped in price slightly. This year, it did get a complete redesign, which means a steeper price. With the new 3.8L V6 and an upgraded interior, there is a good reason. The S trim level will get you out the door cheaply, but it might leave a lot to be desired when it comes to equipment.

Configuration: S trim level, extended cab, 4×2

Starting price: $29,015

Looking for a small but cheap truck? The 2022 Ford Maverick does both

The 2022 Ford Maverick is no surprise. It is being touted as the most affordable pickup truck to hit the market in a while. The Maverick is a small pickup truck, though, so it won’t be your heavy-duty daily-towing truck, but it’ll get most jobs done. It also gets around 42 mpg, so you will save on gas if you have a longer commute. The Ford truck has plenty of options, but the XL trim with front-wheel-drive (FWD) is under $22,000.

Configuration: XL trim level, FWD

Starting price: $21,490

Don’t overlook the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has a lot of options available for buyers, including a very cheap one. The WT (work truck) trim is pretty cheap, plus specific package discounts make it even more affordable. But be aware, this truck can get pricey quickly. The regular cab in 4×2 doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’ll get you from point A to point B in under $29,000.

Configuration: WT trim level, regular cab, 4×2, package discount

Starting price: $28,195

The 2022 Chevy Colorado is also a good option

The Chevy Colorado is a cheaper pickup truck than its GMC Canyon twin this year. Chevy added some new features that made the price go up overall, but the Work Truck trim level is the most affordable option now. This makes it rear-wheel-drive, and if you remove the back seats, it saves you $240. Not a bad option for those who are brand-loyal to Chevrolet.

Configuration: Work Truck trim level, extended cab, 4×2, rear seat delete

Starting price: $26,155

Buyers can find the 2022 GMC Canyon for a reasonable price

For the new year, GMC removed the cheapest version of the truck that was previously available. The 2022 GMC Canyon in the Elevation trim level with the rear seat delete will get you under $28,000. The Canyon isn’t the most capable truck on the market, but it would make for a solid bare-bones work truck.

Configuration: Elevation trim level, extended cab, 4×2, rear seat delete

Starting price: $27,755

Another small pickup truck option is the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz


Don’t Buy the 2022 Chevy Colorado if You Can Get the 2022 Ford Ranger

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is another small new option for the cheapest pickup trucks in 2022. It looks like a Hyundai Tucson but with a truck bed which makes sense due to the unibody nature of the body. It has 191 hp and is FWD, making the SE trim level the cheapest option.

Configuration: SE trim level, FWD

Starting price: $25,215

Trucks are getting more expensive as more technology is needed, but these are some of the cheapest pickup truck options for 2022. If you are ordering a truck, you have a little more wiggle room to build a truck that fits your specific needs. Otherwise, check out sites online to see what is available before heading to the local dealership.