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Automakers love to advertise a low starting price. But for full-size pickup trucks, many of these MSRPs are for two-door cabs. If you need more room for passengers, you’re probably wondering which four-door truck has the lowest starting price. For $34,075 you can get a Ford F-150 with small, rear-hinged rear doors and a small backseat. For $34,300 you can get a Silverado with four, front-hinged doors. And for $35,705 you can get a similar, “quad cab” Ram 1500 Classic. Here are the differences between these cab types.

Is Ford’s SuperCab a four-door pickup truck?

Ford’s SuperCab F-150 falls somewhere between a “regular cab” two-door pickup and a four-door. It does have a back seat, but to get in you need to open the front doors first, then swing the rear doors towards the bed of the truck to open them. Ford urges drivers who carry passengers often to consider a “SuperCrew” with four proper doors.

Black Ford Super Duty pickup truck parked on a jobsite with all four of its supercab doors open.
2018 Ford Super Duty Supercab | Ford

Ford offers its F-150 with a two-door “Regular” cab as well as two forms of four-door cabs. And technically, the smaller “SuperCab” F-150 is the cheapest four-door pickup truck that money can buy.

2022 SuperCab F-150s start at $34,075 with the XL–according to NADA guides. The larger four-door F-150 is the traditional, full four-door SuperCrew. The cheapest 2022 SuperCrew is also the XL for $37,700.

Learn more about the base trim levels of the F-150.

Is Chevy’s double-cab or Ram’s quad-cab better?

Both the Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra and the Ram 1500 offer a small, four-door pickup cab. The General Motors’ option is the “double-cab” while the Ram option is the “quad-cab.” The two cabs offer nearly equal interior space. The Ram cab is a fraction of an inch lower but several inches wider.

Blue Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck parked on a dirt road in front of trees and hills.
2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 double-cab | General Motors

The General Motors’ “double-cab” offers 39.88 inches of second-row headroom, 60.24 inches of second-row hip room, 64.88 inches of second-row shoulder room, and 35.24 inches of second-row legroom. The double-cab Silverado starts at $34,300.

Ram’s “quad-cab” offers, 39.2 inches of second-row headroom, 63.4 inches of second-row hip room, 63.4 inches of second-row hip room, 65.7 inches of second-row shoulder room, and 35.6 inches of second-row legroom.

The quad-cab Ram 1500 Classic starts at $35,705 while the quad cab fifth-generation Ram starts at $35,900. Note that Consumer Reports has said the fifth-generation Ram interior’s fit and finish is the best in its segment (but not the Ram Classic).

Read up on the Ram 1500 Tradesman and other trims.

How much do four-door pickup trucks cost?

Every full-size pickup truck brand sells a compact, four-door cab for less than $40k. But to get a four-door cab comfortable for multiple adults to travel long distances, you will pay $40k or close to it.

Birds-eye view of the interior of a Ram 1500 pickup truck's four-door cab.
2022 Ram 1500 crew cab | Stellantis

You can only buy the fifth-generation Ram and the 2022 Toyota Tundra with four doors, but deleting their regular cab trucks did not drive four-door prices down. The most expensive four-door pickup trucks are the GMC Sierra crew cab and the Nissan Titan Crew Cab: both have MSRPs over $40k.

You can see a breakdown of the current MSRPs of the cheapest four-door pickup trucks in the table below. Note these prices are all for 2WD models with the base engine and don’t include taxes or destination charges.

ChevroletSilverado 1500 LTDWork Truckdouble-cab (147″)$34,300
ChevroletSilverado 1500 LTDWork Truckcrew cab (147″)$36,700
GMCSierra 1500Prodouble-cab (147″)$37,900
GMCSierra 1500Procrew cab (147″)$40,300
Ram1500 ClassicTradesmanquad-cab (6’4″)$35,705
Ram1500 ClassicTradesmancrew cab (5’7″)$38,405
Ram1500Tradesmanquad cab (6’4″)$35,900
Ram1500Tradesmancrew cab (5’7″)$38,600
ToyotaTundraSRdouble cab (6’5″)$35,950
ToyotaTundraSRCrewMax (5’5″)$38,000
NissanTitanS King Cab$38,310
NissanTitanSCrew Cab$40,080

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