Truck Survey Reveals Americans Love Trucks More Than Netflix

The Great American Truck Survey for 2020 just posted their results. The survey was commissioned by Ford to learn more about the love affair Americans have with the pickup truck. The results are pretty telling. As a society, Americans really love them. The truck takes priority over other things in life, even things that some think are addictive in nature, like streaming services.

Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck
Ford F-150 Raptor | Ford

The truck survey respondents

Ford commissioned Penn Schoen Berland to survey 2,000 American truck customers to find out just how much pickup owners love their vehicles. Respondents were from across the United States and from all demographics. The largest group of respondents were 18 – 34 years old (27%). Also, the rate of ownership between men and women was pretty close. The men came in at 54 percent, while 46 percent of women were the pickup owner. Additionally, the truck owners reported that 38 percent of them are Ford truck owners.

2019 Ram 3500HD pickup
2019 Ram 3500HD | Ram

What would they give up before their truck?

The survey also asked about the respondents’ level of commitment to the pickup. The interesting statistic here is that 82 percent of the truck owners would give up a streaming service, like Netflix, before they would give up the keys.

The survey did not end there. The respondents were asked about giving up other things too. When giving up alcohol was brought up, 79 percent said they would. Additionally, 71 percent said they would give up coffee before giving up their truck. We also learn that 47 percent of the owners would give up a phone in order to keep their pickup.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel pickup
2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel | Chevrolet

Next, the survey moved into nutrition and lifestyle questions. The first question here was about eating meat. That is where 44 percent of respondents on the survey indicated that they would give up meat to keep their truck. And finally, 38 percent would give up having sex before turning their precious keys over. 

What do the survey results mean?

Aaron Ahuvia, Marketing Professor at the University of Michigan, offered his insight into the survey results. He says, 

“America loves trucks because they connect us to an enduring American cultural truth about the resiliency, hard work, and undaunted determination of Americans to tame frontiers, build big things, and overcome adversity – needs that have come to the fore today. Trucks have earned their iconic status by giving builders and dreamers the flexibility and power to get things done and control our destinies, especially in challenging times.”

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
Toyota Tundra TRD Pro | Toyota

According to the findings of the survey

“Trucks are more than a tool for the people who drive them. They’re like a member of the family, even getting their own names and even tattoos on their human companions. Trucks are a source of pride for their owners. They want to show them off and keep them in top shape. Truck owners say that owning a truck makes them feel capable, accomplished, proud, self-reliant, and dependable.”


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Overall, the Ford commissioned survey results point strongly that the pickup is not going away any time soon. As a society, we love them too much. We will do almost anything, like giving up Netflix, to keep them a part of our lives. They make us feel good. All of this certainly explains why pickups have been the strongest seller decade after decade.