Ford Ranger Changes in Australia Foreshadow American Ranger

Plans for the Australian 2022 Ford Ranger have leaked onto the world wide web. According to the plans, there will be some different engine choices coming into the mix for the Ranger pickup. Since the Ranger is one of the global platforms for Ford, the changes for the 2022 model year could also foreshadow what will come here to the United States.

2019 Ford Ranger FX2
2019 Ford Ranger FX2 | Ford

Ford Ranger history

The Ranger name was used by Ford on multiple platforms and as a trim level prior to the 1980s. But in 1983, Ford introduced the Ranger on its own, as a small platform pickup. It replaced the Ford Courier, a pickup platform shared with Mazda. Production would run until December 2011, when the last Ranger pickup rolled off the assembly line.

After a hiatus, the Ranger returned in 2019 as a mid-size pickup platform. This is the pickup that everybody is familiar with today. It is bigger and more off-road capable than its predecessor. Also, this time, the truck’s platform is being shared by Ford globally, albeit with minor modifications as needed regionally.

The Ranger’s global influence

The global nature of the Ranger platform means that when changes are planned in one area of the world for the pickup, it is possible that some of those changes will then trickle over to the rest of the Ranger lineup internationally.

An orange crew cab 2019 Ford Ranger is parked in front of snow-covered mountains
2019 Ford Ranger | Ford

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2022 Ranger engine choices

This brings us to the news that was just leaked regarding the Australian Ford Ranger. Our friends at Car Expert have obtained a copy of plans for the 2022 Ranger. The interesting thing about the plans is that the Australian version of the Ranger will have three engine choices. Two diesel and a gas hybrid engine are listed.

The United States automotive market has not embraced diesel like the rest of the world. So, do not expect that the two diesel engines in the plan for Australia will make their way to the United States. The hybrid engine, however, is very interesting.

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All manufacturers are doing what they can to convert their models to either full-electric or hybrid motivation. In short, they want to raise their corporate average fuel economy numbers to avoid having to pay hefty fines to the government each year. So, while diesel may not hit the mark in the United States, a hybrid likely would for the pickup along with other engines currently in the US lineup.

The leaked plans point to the 2022 Ford Ranger receiving a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine with a plug-in hybrid system. It is to be mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. It is a plug-in hybrid system. So, consumers will need to plug it in.

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Infotainment system changes

It looks like the leaked plans also outlined how Ford is spending significant money and effort to upgrade the infotainment system of the Ranger. A 12.8-inch vertical infotainment display will be available. Ford’s SYNC4 system will run it. Wireless connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available.

The leaked plans for the Australian 2022 Ford Ranger certainly paint an interesting picture for the future of the US pickup. The new hybrid engine will certainly add appeal to the truck. Then again, anytime a pickup truck can be more fuel-efficient, the crowds will be more apt to receive it.