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A boat with Electric on the side on the water.

This $500,000 Electric Yacht Can Cross Oceans on Solar Power Alone

People are making the switch from gas-powered cars to EVs in order to fight climate change, but cars are just one source of emissions. All types of vehicles, including planes, trains, and boats, emit emissions. This applies to yachts that the rich lounge on. That's exactly why there's a $500,000 solar-powered yacht.
A boat with a ladder and person climbing up it.

How to Get Back On a Boat Without a Ladder

While you always want to make sure all marine accessories are in good working condition before heading out, there is always the possibility of missing something. An improperly working boat ladder can pose a potential threat to all onboard. Passengers must understand how to get on a boat without a ladder to avoid unnecessary danger.
Jet ski on a water at sunset.

3 Best Jet Skis for Beginners

If you're new to Jet Ski life, you may need a comparison to help you decide which watercraft makes the most sense. Jets Skis, WaveRunners, and Sea-Doos can all be incredibly fun additions to your summer. Here are three personal watercraft options that beginners should look for when buying and riding for the first time.
A tourist swimming with a sea scooter in Ithaca, Greece

4 Best Sea Scooters if You’re Really Serious About Diving

Diving underwater is a fun, relaxing sport but can be enhanced with certain water accessories. One of those being a sea scooter, which many scuba divers use. They range from budget devices to high-end units. Nowadays, there are many more compact units that offer double what the old ones did.
A young couple rides a Kawasaki Jet Ski personal watercraft near Islamorada in the Florida Keys

How Much Should You Pay for a Jet Ski?

Even though Jet Skis are small, they can still be expensive. This is especially true when you factor in storage, insurance, and maintenance. So if you're considering a used PWC to cut down on the purchase price, you should know how much to pay for one. Here's a handy guide.