4 Best Sea Scooters if You’re Really Serious About Diving

Diving underwater is a fun, relaxing sport but can be enhanced with certain water accessories. One of those being a sea scooter, which many scuba divers use. 

According to Dive In, there are plenty to choose from on the market. They range from budget devices to high-end units. Gone are the large boards that divers used to have to lie down on to get around. Nowadays, there are many more compact units that offer double what the old ones did. Let’s check out some of the more expensive devices. 

What exactly is a sea scooter for?

A tourist swimming with a sea scooter in Ithaca, Greece
A tourist swimming with a sea scooter | Alessandro Rota/Getty Images

The sea scooter goes by a few different names, like underwater scooters and diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). These units are relatively small, with handles that a diver can hold onto while the device propels them through the water. They can move at a speed of up to 9 mph, which helps swimmers experience the underwater area without tiring themselves out to do so. 

Manufacturers build these devices for technical-savvy divers down to children who are just learning the basics of snorkeling. It allows anyone to explore sea life, large wrecks, and any other anomalies they might want to check out. 

There are many models to choose from that match any budget you might have. From low-end to high-end devices, there’s one that will meet your needs. However, you might want to consider the upper-level units for a long-term investment as they can be more durable and come with features to make your snorkeling experience easier. 

Jerry Rat Underwater Sea Scooter

This model is rated for a safe diving depth of 16 feet, but it’s rated to go up to 66 feet deep. It can also go at a speed of up to 5.6 mph, and the battery has a run time of approximately 2 hours. Its design is fashioned after a retro eagle ray, making you feel like part of a specialized scuba squad. 

However, this unit isn’t suitable for proper scuba diving because of the limited depth it comes with. It does have an automatic buoyancy thrust that comes on when the battery gets low. As for price, these units vary in cost, but you could expect to pay around $1,800. 

Apollo AV2 Evolution

If you want to do some wreckage diving, this unit will be one of your best bets. It’s durable enough to handle a depth of 230 feet and has a battery that can last up to 190 minutes underwater. It comes with plenty of safety features and has progressive acceleration, which will help you haul around your extra tanks. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to this unit. The weight is on the high side, which is 46.2 lbs. That slows the device down a bit, which is probably why the unit can only go at a top speed of 2.8 mph. According to Apollo, you can get one starting at $2,145.

Aquaprop L Scooter Subgravity

This sea scooter has the largest depth rating of all the high-end devices listed. It can go to a depth of 262 feet, and the battery enables it to run for approximately 200 minutes. It’s also the lightest unit listed as well, coming in at only 13.8 lbs. 

The best feature it offers is the single-handed controls that allow you to hold onto the unit with one hand while leaving your other hand free to change out or adjust your tanks. The biggest drawback with this device is the slow charging time, which is up to 6 hours. According to SubGravity, you can expect to pay around $2,600. 

Tusa Sav7 EVO3


3 Best Sea Scooters Under $600 According to Divers

The most impressive sea scooter on the list is also the most expensive. Tusa’s Sav7 unit can be had for a price of around $4,000 or thereabouts, depending on where you get it at. What makes it stand out is its ability to handle more than one diver at a time. In fact, it can pull two more people without suffering any lag in the performance. 

It’s safe to dive to a depth of 229 feet with this device, and you can expect to go about 2.8 mph, which isn’t too fast. That might not be a dealbreaker, though, since divers usually want to spend as much time as they can gazing into the underwater world. After all, this isn’t water skiing, where you can go up to 40 mph on the water. However, this sea scooter is 44 lbs, which is one of the heaviest available. 

Sea scooters are fun devices that enable any diver to ‘swim’ underwater without having to put forth too much effort to do so. Purchasing one of the higher-end devices will ensure you get a decent, reliable, and durable scooter with plenty of features to enhance your diving expedition. Just don’t try to outrun the police with one.