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A row of sail boats anchored in the middle of a lake

3 of the Best Boats for Lakes

As spring fades into summer, many people begin to drift toward water-related activities. Some common lake boating activities include fishing, skiing, tubing, and simply cruising around sightseeing. Different boat types tend to be better suited to different activities, so let's look at the three best boats for lakes.
A tube being towed across the water from a jet ski

3 of the Best Towable Tubes Under $100

Tubing started with a rope tied onto a tire inner tube and pulled behind a boat. This famous summer activity provides fun in the sun without requiring any skills and without much equipment. We've found three of the best towable tubes under $100 (or at least under $104) to use when you go boating.
A woman on a tube being pulled across a lake by a speedboat

How Fast Is Too Fast for Towable Tubing?

If you have never gone tubing before, you are missing out. It is fun for the whole family. Before you head out to the lake, let's look at the best boats for water sports and understand what speeds are too fast for tubing.
Boating alone, Robin Lee Graham, 18, holds his ginger tabby cat, Avanga, aboard his 24-foot sloop in 1967

Is Boating Alone Dangerous?

Boating can be a fun activity to share with friends, but some people prefer to boat alone. Although the perils of the sea may be amplified during a solo sail, individuals who adhere to a safety regimen can enjoy solitary seafaring without too many risks. Here's what you need to know about boating alone.
The propeller of the 29-foot boat Naut Guilty, shown here in Charlestown, Massachusetts, cut off a woman's arm

This 1 Thing Can Prevent a Grisly Boating Accident

There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer day out on a boat with friends and family. And following proper boating safety guidelines can make the difference between a fun afternoon and an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Unfortunately, the day can turn deadly when boat operators don’t follow proper safety precautions. Everyone has heard …