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Lazzarini Design Studio already earned a reputation for its daring designs for yachts. Previous creations from the Rome-based design team include a yacht that looks like a swan and another that resembles a shark. Its newest creation, “The Shape,” is the most dramatic one yet. “The Shape” has a huge hole in its center. Also, it features solar power and a hydrogen propulsion system, so it runs on clean energy.

Hole deck in Lazzarini ‘The Shape’ superyacht

Lazzarini The Shape superyacht with calm water and a sunset shining through its hole deck
The Shape | Lazzarini

The massive hole in The Shape superyacht is called the hole deck. Passengers on the yacht can access the hole deck through an entrance on the bow. Also, the hole deck has steps that lead down to sea level. It’s a wonderful area for lounging around or enjoying a breathtaking view of the sunset. Additionally, Lazzani can customize the hole deck to suit the preferences of owners.

Lazzarini The Shape superyacht with mountains in the background
The Shape | Lazzarini

The Shape has a total length of 69 meters. Its living area, located at the rear section of the superyacht, has six suites and can accommodate up to 12 guests. Another magnificent feature of The Shape is its glass-bottomed infinity pool, which provides an incredible view of the hole deck. Additionally, The Shape has a beach club with a diving platform, a helipad, and the amenities that you’d expect to find on a luxury superyacht.

Solar and hydrogen power for ‘The Shape’ 

Side view of Lazzarini The Shape superyacht
The Shape | Lazzarini

The Shape runs on a combination of solar and electric power. It has solar panels on the sundeck, which charge all of the onboard systems. For the propulsion system, hydrogen fuel powers The Shape. The superyacht has a top speed of 24 knots, or 12 knots, when moving in all-electric mode.

Lazzarini ‘The Shape’: Price and availability

Profile drawings and specifications of Lazzarini The Shape superyacht
The Shape | Lazzarini

The estimated cost of the Lazzarini The Shape is €69 million (around $80 million). The Shape is just a concept for now. However, Lazzarini stated that The Shape, with its unique design, has garnered a great deal of attention from potential customers, as detailed by CNN. According to Lazarini, if a customer places an order for The Shape, it will take approximately 20 months to build it. 

The Shape is the latest superyacht to feature an innovative and unique design. Wealthy individuals with a massive amount of disposable income seek new ways to stand out from their well-heeled counterparts. With this in mind, superyachts offer a highly visible way of doing this. 

Overhead view of Lazzarini The Shape superyacht
The Shape | Lazzarini

The previously mentioned shark and swan yachts from Lazarini are a couple of other examples. Also, in September, at the Monaco Yacht Show, two striking new yachts made their debut. German shipyard Lurssen unveiled a superyacht that is emissions-free and is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.” For the other debut, Italian shipyard Tankoa revealed the Apache concept, which has a stunning steel and aluminum design. Also, there is a 300-meter nuclear-powered superyacht called the Earth 300.

If you had the money to blow, would you spend it on a superyacht like The Shape? The debate about whether money should be spent on more pressing and less frivolous things is best left for another conversation. However, you can at least appreciate the superyachts from a design perspective. People push their imagination to create something innovative. 


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