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The super-wealthy tend to attempt masking their absurd spending as ways to help fuel the economy, further progress, or in this case, save the world. After watching Jeff Bezos spend billions to fly next to space, or Tesla push its unproven driverless tech after a year wrought with hardship, violence, and death, many had their illusions of billionaires shattered. But is this new nuclear megayacht going to be more of the same or a modern-day Noah’s Ark? It’s hard to say “ark” and “yacht” in the same sentence.

a rendering of the world's first nuclear ship meant to save the world via oceanic research
The Earth 300 | Earth 300

Can a nuclear megayacht save the world? 

According to CNN, Indiana University anthropologists calculated that a superyacht with a permanent crew, a helicopter pad, submarines, and pools emit over 7,000 tons of CO2 a year. Since most billionaires MADE money throughout the pandemic, boat sales have skyrocketed. Much like the camper van boom, the super-rich have taken to the open seas to socially distance themselves. There are now 300 superyachts roaming our seas. 

Since we know these customers won’t be denied their comforts for a little global climate change, a new type of ship promises to give them their luxury while still keeping dry ground safe for the rest of us. 

Aaron Olivera, the Gibraltar-born, Singapore-based entrepreneur behind the idea, looked at this data and asked, “Why not take the wealthiest people in the world, pull them together with the smartest and brightest scientists, and allow them to experience firsthand what’s taking place?” “Wealthy people can go online and buy anything they want, but they cannot buy a new mental model with which to see the world.”

Meet the Earth 300

The proposed megayacht gets its name from its immense length, 300 meters. For Americans, that is essentially a boat the size of a football field. The design is wonderfully futuristic. The massive 13-story orb that might catch your eye first is home to two dozen mobile labs that will house scientists to gather data aimed at helping to figure out the climate crisis. 

This massive nuclear-powered megayacht will also be hope to a quantum computer, a new type of computer that employs the properties of quantum mechanics to achieve incredible speed and power. 

To be clear, much of the Earth 300 isn’t really possible just yet. Like most plots to save the world, the proper technology has yet to reach us. However, IBM and Google are researching the subject as you read this. 

The proposed crew for the Earth 300 is massive. Most of the ship’s capacity of 425 people will be taken up by two main groups: 165 crew and 160 scientists. The crew will also be joined by a group of 20 students and 20 resident experts. Olivia calls this group of residents a “multidisciplinary melting pot” of economists, explorers, engineers, artists, activists, and even politicians. Along with all the professionals and actual people of interest and value, the ship will also sell 20 tickets to wealthy tourists who want to join the mission to save the world to lounge around and take selfies. These tickets will cost the wealthy patrons $1 million each. 

Exclusivity be damned

the ship meant to save the world on the high seas
The Earth 300 | Earth 300

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“This ship will be a floating computer which will allow people from all around the world to participate in the journey. That means that these wealthy individuals who are coming on board will have to share the experience with the world, not just among themselves,” says Olivera.