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Apparently, Americans should be preparing for yet another small truck to enter the market. Volkswagen has apparently been working on a compact pickup of its own. As models like the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz have been finding great success, it makes sense that manufacturers are interested in taking on the segment. While a VW pickup is still in the rumors stages, there have been some signals from the brand that it intends to offer a small truck in the States.

Will Volkswagen sell a truck in the United States?

Volkswagen is expected to reveal its truck, the Amarok, sometime this month. Back in 2021, VW had filed a trademark for the Amarok nameplate in America. And that is a pretty solid clue that there could soon be a German truck on United States roads. 

The 2023 Volkswagen Amarok would undoubtedly find success here. Small trucks have been so popular that Ford is not accepting new orders for the Maverick pickup until August of 2022. And while, according to Gear Patrol, VW has stated it is not interested in a traditional truck. The brand certainly has the tech and resources to potentially launch an electric pickup.

Is the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok electric?

With the VW ID.4 crossover, Volkswagen could have a platform to build a small, EV truck. In America, it makes sense that automotive brands want to release electric trucks, as pickups are one of the hottest commodities on the market. It’s just a question of winning over potential buyers. 

2023 Volkswagen Amarok in off-road testing
2023 Volkswagen Amarok | Volkswagen

The underpinnings of the ID.4 and ID. Buzz van could be converted to have a pickup truck bed. Which would give buyers the efficiency and power delivery of an EV. That is of course if VW decides to sell a truck in the States. 

What would a VW truck compete with?

If Volkswagen decides to sell a small pickup in the U.S., it would compete directly with models such as the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Both of these small trucks have found legitimate success. Even among those who are not typically interested in buying a truck. And that is because they offer affordability and a more comfortable ride than a body-on-frame pickup. 

The rear-end of a Volkswagen Amarok small truck.
2023 Volkswagen Amarok | Volkswagen

It is worth noting that neither model has an electric powertrain, yet. So that means VW could potentially have a leg up on the competition with the 2023 Amarok. Because of that, there is certainly an opening for VW to succeed with its pickup truck. In fact, Volkswagen Group of America CEO, Scott Keogh, said he viewed the opportunity as “the chance of a lifetime.”

When is the new VW Amarok coming out?

VW is expected to debut the Amarok pickup truck on July 7th. The release has been long-awaited by VW fans and auto enthusiasts alike. And hopefully, the brand does decide to sell this pickup in the United States. Trucks have been popular for some time, and more competition is usually a good thing. 

We’ll be following along to see what Volkswagen decides later this week.


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