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It was inevitable that Volkswagen would do a variant or two of its ID Buzz van. After all, it did a number of variants of its Type 2 transporter back in the 1950s. And now it has released a concept of what it might look like. What do you think?

Why is VW showing this ID Buzz pickup concept now?

VW ID Buzz pickup
VW ID Buzz pickup concept | VW

In case you didn’t know, today is World Design Day. To commemorate it, VW showed up with an ID Buzz concept pickup truck. Not letting too much leak, it would only say, “On the way from an idea to production, there are a lot of unseen design drafts made – like this one.” But when the majority of the tooling already exists, “design drafts” become reality in swift order.

When the Type 2 Microbus debuted, a version similar to this concept, and also a single cab version, soon followed. The single cab also had bedsides that could pivot up or down for easy loading on three sides. It looked a bit industrial, but you couldn’t beat the versatility. They’re highly collectible today. VW also did a pickup version of the Rabbit in 1979.

VW’s MEB EV platform makes variations like an ID Buzz pickup easier to do

VW pickup advertising
VW pickup advertising | VW

VW already has three versions of the ID Buzz van, a short- and long-wheelbase window van, and a windowless “Cargo” van. Proving the versatility of its MEB EV platform, it makes sense to do this crew cab truck. Could a single cab pickup be next?

If VW is developing an ID Buzz with a bed, that’s not what we’re seeing. This truck is based on the ID Buzz concept from 2017, which morphed into the production version. But the production van would actually be an easier version to do than converting the concept.

What would VW do to make an ID Buzz pickup from the van?

2017 ID Buzz
2017 ID Buzz concept | VW

That’s because the production truck could ride on the longer MEB platform, but use the short-wheelbase rear doors. Rear quarter panels, a new back for the shorter cabin, a short top insert, and finish panels for the bed are all that would need to be tooled. And if we’re reading it right, the bed could be made out of a composite that would plop between the quarter panels like a three-sided Jacuzzi. That makes it even cheaper to pull off. 

We like the added step in the quarter panels. This would only be a secondary strike to the existing ID Buzz van quarter panels. Again, a utilitarian feature that would be cheap to add for frugal Volkswagen

VW already confirmed an electric truck is coming

VW Amarok concept
VW 2023 Amarok concept | VW

To add some fuel to the fire, Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh said recently that VW is looking to develop an electric pickup. But it confirmed today that its upcoming Amarok pickup will be available as an electric truck. But it would be easier and cheaper for VW to just make the ID Buzz pickup and get it into the market ahead of any traditional electric truck.

We’ll keep you posted on whether this is just one big tease, or if VW confirms it is happening. But with the success of the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick, it’s kind of a no-brainer. 

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