The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Looks Way Different Than Its Original Concept

Volkswagen is well on its way to electrifying its lineup, and one of the more exciting options on the horizon is the ID. Buzz. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz probably won’t be its production name, but it will indeed be an electric version of VW’s famous microbus from the 60s. Volkswagen fans were excited after seeing images of the original concept car. However, the production version of the VW ID. Buzz actually looks quite different.

Volkswagen’s new EVs

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Concept in yellow and white parked on a tropical beach near palm trees
Volkswagen ID. Buzz Concept | Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Like many other automakers, Volkswagen is in the process of expanding its EV lineup. VW is doing that with a dedicated lineup based on a modular platform. This lineup will also have its own name, the ID. series. However, Volkswagen has decided to name each production model in the ID. series with just a number. The concept versions of these cars have a real name, but they lose it once they’re moved into production.

The ID. series will be available worldwide. However, VW will sell some cars in one market but not others. In any case, currently, the only ID. model that’s currently available in the U.S. is the ID.4. It’s based on the I.D. Crozz, and it’s a crossover SUV. Somewhat confusingly, the only other ID series cars currently available are the ID.3 and the ID.6. Volkswagen is currently working on the ID.1, ID.2, and ID.5. 

Volkswagen is testing the ID. Buzz, but it looks different from the concept

Another ID. series vehicle that VW is, working on is the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, though it doesn’t have an official production name, or rather number, yet. VW still expects to produce it by 2022, but fans have been skeptical about VW actually making it happen in that timeframe. Despite that skepticism, internet sleuths have spotted Volkswagen seemingly testing the ID. Buzz in Europe, according to The Drive.

Obviously, since Volkswagen was testing the car, the ID. Buzz didn’t have a real paint job, and as such, it didn’t look great. That said, VW has made more changes to the Volkswagen ID. Buzz than that, according to The Drive. One of the more noticeable changes includes giving the Volkswagen ID. Buzz regular-looking headlights instead of the more futuristic ones from the concept.

On top of that, the ID. Buzz also appearing to have a fake grille, as well as a more pronounced bumper. According to The Drive, these changes ultimately “compromised the ID Buzz’s characteristic slab-sided fascia.” Since the ID. Buzz hasn’t entered production, VW still has time to make changes to it. However, it’s easy to see why fans would start to feel less enthusiastic about the Volkswagen ID. Buzz if the company doesn’t.

What to expect from the ID. Buzz


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As The Drive said, this sighting of the ID. Buzz in the wild shows that Volkswagen is improving on the concept that it showed off a few years ago. That said, not much is really known about the VW ID. Buzz so far. 

In any case, while Volkswagen is still planning to launch the ID. Buzz in 2022, it’ll only launch in Europe at first. Americans will have to wait until 2023 for the ID. Buzz. As far as specs, the VW ID. Buzz could have between 201 and 368 hp, though it’s unknown at the moment. Furthermore, the ID. Buzz may have either an 82 kWh battery or a 111 kWh battery. However, it’s unclear how much range those batteries can provide the ID. Buzz with.