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Ford Ranger Forums Blowing Up With Problems

When it comes to the new Ford Ranger there is a growing chorus of discontent on Ranger forums. While most love the 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder engine and 10-speed transmission a common problem continues to plague the pickup. At low speeds, there is what some call a “shudder” and others describe as a vibration. Search any …

Rivian R1T tank turn
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Are These Electric Truck Features Actually Useful, or Just Gimmicks?

It’s easy, with how today’s media consumption, for an automaker to market any feature as something ground-breaking. Especially with electric pickup trucks, a segment where manufacturers need to differentiate themselves. Some, like Bollinger, let the truck’s capability and design do the talking. Others, such as Tesla, can sometimes lean on sensationalist methods. Is setting up …

“TOGG” for 2022 Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girisim | Grubu | TOGG-0
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Why Is The Country Turkey Building Its Own SUV?

It’s said that if the government made a horse it would look like a camel. That said, Turkey has just released info on its stab at building an EV manufacturing company. It’s true. The company is called “TOGG” for Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girisim Grubu. It’s the first nationalized vehicle manufacturer ever in Turkey. Turkey will hold …

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Are Truck Owners More Generous Than Car Owners?

There are many car stereotypes in the world, and most of them don’t make truck owners look good. Some truck stereotypes portray truck owners as inconsiderate people and more extreme truck stereotypes portray them as violent and cruel folks. However, according to a survey by Chevrolet, the reality may be far more different than those …

A Ford Mustang Mach-E being debuted at an event.
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A Smaller Ford Mustang Is Coming Soon

Ford unveiled its Mustang SUV just last month at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. Already it has announced a smaller Mustang is on the way. Ford said it wasn’t done sprinkling the Mustang name around to other new products. Man, it wasted no time in doing it. So, another, different Ford Mustang is coming …