2019 Ram 1500 Limited
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Are Full-Size Trucks the New Luxury Car?

Full-size trucks were once reserved for a target market consisting of construction sites, ranches, and the working class. Today these utilitarian vehicles have made their way mainstream with every luxury imaginable. With more available features than ever before, those with more discretionary income are opting for full-size trucks over SUVs. It has us asking “Are full-size …

A grey 2020 Mazda CX-9 sparked in near a lush green forest.
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How Reliable Is the Mazda CX-9?

No one has walked on to a car lot and said, “I want to buy a lemon. I love dishing out money for bizarre repairs every week, finding myself stranded on the way to work, and having my car towed to a mechanic.” That’s why car salesmen don’t always tell the truth about a model …

2021 GMC Canyon AT4
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What Makes GMC a Premium Truck Brand?

It’s not inaccurate to think of GMC trucks as upscale Chevys. The GMC Sierra and Canyon do share platforms and powertrains with their Chevy counterparts. That’s why Hennessey can make Goliaths out of both Chevy and GMC trucks. However, GMC products do get some trims and features that separate them from Chevy’s vehicles. But, although …