The 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition Is Perfect for Driving Enthusiasts

Toyota is known for its consistently reliable sedans, but it’s spicing things up this year with a sportier version of the Corolla: the Apex Edition. While it does have some similarities to the regular Toyota Corolla sedan, the Apex is available as a manual and has quite a few features that may make it incredibly appealing to driving enthusiasts. Here’s what you need to know, according to MotorTrend reviewers.

The buzz around the 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition

The Apex Edition came about as Toyota’s attempt to make the popular Corolla just a little bit sportier. The automaker plans to make just 6,000 Toyota Corolla Apex Editions, meaning that right off the bat this vehicle has the appeal of limited availability.

MotorTrend notes that even the standard new Toyota Corolla was surprisingly fun to drive, a fact which bodes well for the Apex Edition. The sporty limited edition vehicle will be available in three colors: Black Sand Pearl, Super White, or Cement. The latter two both come with a black roof. Production for the Apex is scheduled to begin this autumn, and early examples of the vehicle should be available around the end of October.

How is it different from the regular Corolla?

There are several new features that set the Apex Edition apart from the regular 2021 Toyota Corolla. Perhaps the biggest appeal for many driving enthusiasts is the option of pairing the Apex with a six-speed manual, something which is becoming increasingly rare in the auto market.

The Apex also features a new blacked-out aero kit, which gives it a distinctly sportier feel. New features include body side moldings, a trunk-lid spoiler, and a redesigned rear bumper. MotorTrend also notes the Apex’s “sweet-looking bronze accents,” which, along with the blacked-out body kit, give the vehicle a stylish edge over the regular Corolla.

Toyota also redesigned the wheels for the Apex, which are 2.2 pounds lighter than those for the standard Corolla. The Apex Edition’s wheels are designed to cool the brakes, enabling you to drive faster and for longer periods without worry.

Additionally, the Apex Edition is 0.6 inches lower than the standard Toyota Corolla, thanks to its new springs. This change enables the Apex model to turn corners slightly more easily. Toyota also added stiffer anti-roll bars, as well as dampers designed to go with the Apex’s shorter springs. MotorTrend reports that when compared to the regular Corolla, the Apex Edition’s rear suspension is 33 percent stiffer and its front suspension is 47 percent stiffer.

Specs and features

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While the Apex Edition does differ from the regular Toyota Corolla in a number of key areas, there’s one surprising detail that will remain the same: the horsepower. Both the Apex and the standard Corolla have a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that gets 169 hp.

One minor area where the Apex differs, however, is in peak torque. This sedan peaks at 4,800 rpm, while the standard Corolla peaks at 4,400 rpm. According to Toyota representatives, the Apex’s engine is slightly more thermally efficient due to an electric water pump and a two-discharge-port oil pump.

All models in the 2021 Corolla lineup, including the Apex Edition, also come with a range of standard features. Among these are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as two new rear side airbags. Additionally, each vehicle will automatically shut down if it idles for too long.

The Toyota Corolla Apex Edition may not offer higher horsepower, but the alterations to its body kit and the availability of a manual option certainly make for a sportier driving experience. All in all, it is stylish and thoughtfully designed — and definitely an exciting option for driving enthusiasts everywhere.