Tesla Is Getting People to Pay Way More Than $39,900 for the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is on the receiving end of a lot of mixed emotions. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think a vast majority aren’t sure exactly what to think of this outlandish future truck.

I mean, really. What is it? A heavy duty recreationally capable pickup truck, sure. But it has the power to beat most cars in a drag race. And, as is expected from Tesla, it’s fully electric with zero emissions. It’s all a little confusing to say the least.

One thing is for sure, though. The base price of $39,900 is competitive with other trucks like the four-wheel drive Ram 1500 that starts a little under 38 grand or the Ford F-150 4×4 which starts around 36 grand.

This wild truck manufactured by Tesla is within reach for thousands of truck buyers with a deposit of $100 for a reservation and a starting price under 40 grand. But what are people actually paying when they go in on a Tesla?

Cybertruck cost reality check

Even though the base price is actually pretty reasonable, it’s not what people will end up paying for these beastly machines. According to the fans on this Cybertruck forum, people are willing to add on to that base price significantly for things like motor upgrades and the option for “full self driving.”

In fact, 1,800 people contributed to data that suggests the actual Average Transaction Price (ATP) is on course for about 60% higher than that base price of $39,900.

The average Cybertruck price

Going by what those 1,800 people say they plan to pay for their reserved Tesla Cybertrucks, most will roll away in a truck that put them out about $62,554. That’s similar to pricing for the high end half ton trucks like the Chevy Silverado High Country or the Ford F-150 Platinum.

The Cybertruck and the F-150 tow off.

Though throwing the Cybertruck in with trucks like those feels a little awkward because it’s not really a parallel comparison, it’s still a good way to put the pricing into perspective. To understand how much over the base price people are paying for Tesla’s Cybertruck, let’s break it down by motor options.

The single Motor

The single motor Cybertruck starts at $39,900. It’s a rear-wheel drive electric truck with a battery range of 250 miles. Add in all of the wild standard features like a stainless steel exoskeleton and minimalist luxury interior, and the base price is looking pretty sweet.

But when you start looking at upgrade features like the “full self driving” FSD option, the price begins to climb. Nearly 60% of buyers of the single motor Cybertruck are gladly paying over the base price just for the FSD upgrade. All in all, the ATP of the single motor option comes out to be around $44,012.

The dual motor

A dual motor Cybertruck starts at $49,900. The addition of FSD attracts around 65% of buyers to upgrade. Buyer of this all-wheel drive(AWD), dual motor Cybertruck with a range of 300 miles can expect to pay closer to $55,000 when all is said and done.

The tri motor

The tri motor option is the most costly AWD Cybertruck package starting at $69,000. Its insane range of 500 miles is a tempting reason to opt for this level.

For those that can shell out nearly 70 grand for their Cybertruck, the FSD option is a no-brainer for about 80% of them. The ATP on the trip motor easily hikes up to over $75,000.

State of the art minimal interior.

People are paying more

The starting price, though it might look alright on paper, is pretty unofficial. And while these numbers came from a forum and not from Tesla Motors, the word of nearly 2,000 Cybertruck consumers has to count for something.

Upgrade options like the $7,000 “fell self driving” feature can increase the starting price on these Cybertrucks quick. From the starting price of a new single motor Cybertruck to the estimated ATP of a trip motor there is difference of over 35 grand.

You may begin to ask yourself if it is even worth it. Regardless, it’s clear from looking at this data that Tesla is getting people to pay way more than $39,900 for the Cybertruck.