Can You DIY a Tesla Cybertruck?

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While the popular Tesla Cybertruck has not wholly been duplicated, it is often imitated. If you’ve ever wondered just how long it would take you to DIY your version of a Cybertruck, these two unique builds might offer some insight and inspiration. 

Many recreations of the Tesla Cybertruck have surfaced in the months following its initial unveiling. No one can deny it has built up quite the cult-like following. After only two months, this Chinese Tesla enthusiast completed their DIY version of the Tesla Cybertruck. The spectacular release on Youtube earlier this week caught the attention of the internet as this particular working Cybertruck appears to be quite realistic.

What are the DIY design differences from the original Cybertruck?

The original Cybertruck has a straightforward design, which is something that was a topic of conversation that drew a great deal of attention during its North American reveal. That simple design was something that this designer stayed relatively accurate to with minor modifications. 

In the video, the designer explains his Lamborghini-inspired modifications. The hood features a few more lines and inverted trapezoid elements. Carbon fiber was added around the wheel well. 

For the impressive finale, the designer reveals a push-button automatic folding rear tailgate. He pulls out a key fob, pushes a button, and lowers the tailgate with ease. 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

This isn’t the only DIY Cybertruck builds roaming the internet. The group Maker Beta, who deem themselves “Chinese scientific weirdos” as stated in their Youtube bio, also took their shot at a DIY build. Admittedly they are more science enthusiasts than the automotive gearheads. Still, their attempt to recreate their version of the Cybertruck was a brave one. 

It took the team over a month to work together to complete their design. They began with an old Jinbei van and lengthened the chassis to match the Cybertruck in length. Every panel of the truck was welded and crafted by hand using thick stainless steel plates to replicate the original inspiration. 

Internal combustion engines still power both of these designs. There are no electric motors or battery packs. The exterior designs are impressive and would definitely draw a crowd. 

Compare the original Tesla Cybertruck

For reference, here is a look at the original Cybertruck design from Tesla. Take a look and see how well you think these DIY builds compare.

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