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Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck and sold reservations to people across the country and created some pretty major hype. It has been a source of excitement and controversy ever since.

As the first fully electric pickup truck on the market, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck is ready to take on the beloved Ford F-150. With a longer bed and roomier cab, for instance, the Cybertruck is definitely preparing for a head to head competition with mainstream trucks. Not everyone loves the look of its stainless steel exoskeleton, but that didn’t keep the reservations from selling out.

Where is the Cybertruck manufactured?

The production location is still being scouted. Elon Musk is searching for the perfect locale in a central area of the U.S. This is pretty vague, though some rumors of Texas as a landing place for the factory are circulating.

Regardless of where the factory finds footing, the completely electric pickup truck is going to fly off the production floor. Well… not quite fly. Tesla does claim, however, that the tri-motor model goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.9 seconds.

The Tesla Cybertruck: the ultimate family vehicle.

The Cybertruck will come with model options for singular, double, or triple electric motors. The charge distance will have an estimated range of 250 to 500 miles, depending of course upon the model level you choose.

It is as fully loaded as any other Tesla vehicle out there to date but includes all of the bonuses of a full-size pickup truck. The six-and-a-half-foot bed is ready for strollers, backpacks, sports gear, bikes, and ORV’s.

It doesn’t stop there, though. The truck has even more storage space under a hidden trap door in the vault bed.

The Tesla Cybertruck is the most ultimate family vehicle. It’s futuristic and fun, but luxurious and roomy inside, fitting up to 6 adults comfortably.

Additional details are a bonus for families.

Certain details give this electric pickup truck an edge in the market when it comes to delivering on a wide scale. One thing is certain ––if you are picking up the kids and toting around their friends in the Cybertruck, you’ll definitely stand out. For those who like to keep a low profile, this may not be your number one choice when weighing your family car options.

A cool rear lighting strip illuminates the crew in the back seat. Another plus, the rear bench is spacious enough for two car-seats AND a grownup in between them.

Tesla Cybertruck’s protected storage space in the truck bed accommodates up to 100 cubic feet of cargo. Just in case you fill up that 100 cubic feet of enclosed truck bed cargo space, Tesla has you covered with a sweet incognito compartment.

It’s basically a bus.

Another cool detail is the front row seating. As with most pickups, the Cybertruck features a full bench with a middle seat. The middle seat can either provide space for an additional friend or family member or fold down into a convenient cupholder.

The Tesla Cybertruck can absolutely accommodate car-seats for small children, but it can handle your family as everyone grows as well. The two rows of seating are surprisingly spacious.

In theory, whether you’ve got two child seats anchored in the back row or not, Tesla’s Cybertruck has space ample enough for two parents, two children, and two grandparents. Plus, it can basically go anywhere and haul an enormous load. Road trip anyone?

Is it safe enough for toting toddlers?

The Tesla Cybertruck has it all. It boasts luxury, performance, and power. It will also be one of the safest vehicles on the road. Tesla maintains a laser focus on the safety of its vehicles.

The EV brand boasts some of the safest cars in production today. I’m pretty sure Elon Musk won’t stop there. In order to be competitive on all fronts, the Cybertruck will have to score amazing safety ratings.

So yes, the Cybertruck is not only able to adapt to family life, it thrives in such an environment. It’s safe, starts reasonably just below $40,000, and performs with the leading electric vehicle technology Tesla is known for. Family trips and carpools just got a lot cooler.