A dusty barn in Louisiana is full of over 70 vintage Mazda rotary engine cars
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Someone Just Found the Most Bizarre Barn Find Ever in Louisiana

I love covering barn-finds. It is the automotive equivalent of buried pirate treasure; you know you’ll likely never find one yourself, but you know they are out there. Of course, like buried treasure, not all barn-finds were created equal. Just because it’s a barn-find doesn’t mean it’s a vintage, lost, uber-rare, racing legend or prototype …

1964 Clark Cortez Coach RV
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This Rare Vintage RV Oozes Charm

RVs have been on a tear lately. The ability to travel with a sense of safety and comfort has become one of the most valuable things during Corona times. RVs allow us to isolate ourselves on the move. So, with this boom in RV sales and rentals, new markets have opened up to give people …

vintage coachmen leprechaun
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Buying a Vintage Camper Could Be a Huge Mistake

The couple in these videos usually records stories of themselves on various trips around the world. During lockdowns this year, however, they decided to search for––and buy––a vintage 1970s camper. The vintage camper RV is a Coachmen Leprechaun. At first it’s exciting, but after a few months of work on renovating it, the two may …

1966 Ford Bronco with bolt-on steel cab rides high, wide, and handsome.
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Vintage Ford Broncos Ain’t Worth the Squeeze

Vintage Ford Broncos (sigh). Yes. They are cool. Yes. They are iconic. Yes. They are fun. No, they are not good enough in any real, measurable way to be worth the current prices – and I can prove it. Don’t get me wrong; I love a Bronco. The older, the better. They are boxy, American, …

A 1963 Lincoln Continental Limousine Cabriolet vehicle on display during a preview for the upcoming Coys Spring Classics auction at the Royal Horticultural Society's Lindley Hall in London
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The Most Iconic Vehicles from the ’60s

The 1960s were, in many ways, the years that set a precedent for so many of America’s most formative cultural moments. It was a decade that saw humanity’s ascension to the moon and the depths in which our nation could sink in the treatment of its sons and daughters during the Civil Rights movement and …

1974 bmw 2002
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Wishlist Wednesday: 1974 BMW 2002 on Bring a Trailer

We all have an ever-growing list of dream cars. The internet is undoubtedly public enemy No. 1 for those who don’t need any more help with finding stuff to want that we can’t afford. The internet can be a never-ending hole of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. But this week, the eternal fall into the pit …

Jay Leno and his black 1949 Citroen Traction Avant
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Jay Leno Drives One of the Most Innovative Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

Ground-breaking engineering isn’t only found on pricey supercars like the McLaren F1. It’s more impressive when cars everyone can afford have innovative features. And French automaker Citroen knows something about that. Its iconic 2CV remains a beloved people’s champion, and the 1955 DS is still an impressively-advanced luxury car. But, as Jay Leno explains, before …

A green restored 4 1/2 Litre Blower Bentley
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The Original Bond Car, the Blower Bentley, Is Back

Aston Martins are James Bond’s usual wheels of choice. At least, in the films. But in the original books, Bond drove a Bentley. Specifically, one of the sportiest pre-war (pre-WWII) cars the British automaker produced: the 4 ½ Litre Blower Bentley. And now, just like Jaguar and Aston Martin before it, Bentley is making some …

A white-tanked 2020 Moto Guzzi V7 III Special in front of a body of water at sunset
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The Moto Guzzi V7 Is an Overlooked Brand-New Vintage Bike

Those who want classic motorcycle looks without the hassle are a bit spoiled for choice right now. Almost every manufacturer offers a vintage-looking bike. Honda has the Monkey and Super Cub, Triumph the Thruxton café racer and Bonneville, and Royal Enfield’s developing a scrambler. There’s one retro motorcycle, though, which deserves some more attention: the …

Tan 1978 Puch Maxi Newport moped in the grass
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Why Have Vintage Mopeds Gotten So Popular?

As with classic SUVs, vintage motorcycles have risen in popularity in recent years. As have scooters, which is why manufacturers offer modern versions of icons like the Vespa and Honda Super Cub. But there’s another 2-wheeled form of transportation that’s also enjoying a cultural resurgence: the moped. What is a moped? Like motorcycles, mopeds have …

1949 Reo Speedwagon D19XA
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You Can Buy an Actual Reo Speedwagon Truck

Quite a few famous names have been attached to pickup trucks over the years. There’ve been Terminator-edition Toyotas and Tonka F-Series. Several apparel companies have collaborated with automakers on pickups, as has the Kentucky Derby. And of course, there are several Ford and GMC pickups with ‘Harley-Davidson’ on their tailgates. But there’s also a truck …

Lamborghini LM002
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What’s the Real Difference in a Classic and Vintage Truck?

Classic pickups are becoming more popular. Whether it’s the increasingly expensive luxuries offered on modern trucks or visions from Instagram off-roaders, isn’t precisely clear. But the older trucks’ simpler designs, while important to keep in mind, clearly play into it. But as these trucks’ presence becomes more prevalent, there might be a growing issue to …

Credit: Getty Images/ MariuszBlach
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Seven Awesome Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows still excite a lot of people. Car lovers from all walks of life flock these shows to some of the most beautiful cars ever built. But if you’re trying to pick one to visit, it can be hard to decide. Ideally, you’d be able to attend more, but according to Napa Know …