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Car auctions are all but ruined these days. From the once humble Bring-A–Trailer to the out-of-touch Monterey Car Week, prices for cool and even not-so-cool classic cars and trucks are absurd. The mega-wealthy are buying with reckless abandon. However, there were some old dogs that slipped past the monocle boys out there at the beach. Here are some of the cool cars that sold for less than $10,000 at the 2022 Monterey Car Week

post card saying "Greetings from Monterey Peninsula, California"
’Greetings from Monterey Peninsula,’ 1940s | Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images

What were the cheapest cars at the 2022 Monterey Car Week?

Monterey is known for its six- and even seven-figure cars. It’s money on money over there, but that doesn’t mean that there are some cool cars for the regular folks. The Drive found some classic cars that Not only sold for less than $10,000, but some of them are also actually extremely cool. 

Let’s check it out. 

1959 AMC Rambler Coupe 

1959 AMC Rambler in black sold at Monterey Car Week 2022
1959 AMC Rambler | Mecum

Price: $9,350

AMC is an interesting carmaker. The now-defunct American manufacturer might be an obscure name for some, but AMC was responsible for some of America’s most iconic and innovative cars. That’s right; I said “innovative.” 

However, AMC Rambler was neither innovative nor iconic, but it was cool. This 1959 job is a custom surfer-style rat rod build that oozes charm and style. 

The Rambler coupe is neither fast nor a sharp handler. You can think of AMC Rambler like a Saturn sedan; not exactly high-quality, but they got the job done. I understand that isn’t the best selling point, but the ’50s style and cool factor of the build cover a great many sins. 

1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 

1977 Chrysler Brougham
1977 Chrysler Brougham | Mecum Auctions

Price: $8,800

Just look at those seats! This is a bit of an oddball, but the vibe is there. The Drive notes that the ‘77 land yacht still wears its original paint, factory AC, and a recent once-over. Although we still think this sled is cool and probably a decent deal, Mecum says the factory AC needs a little love. A little sweat is a small price to pay. 

1971 MG MGB 

1971 MG MGB
1971 MG MGB | Mecum Auctions

Price: $7,700

While the MG itself may not be a screamer, the price of this little British roadster is. Unlike everything else on this list, the MGB is a proper sports car. That isn’t to say it’s fast; it’s not. This little chrome-bumper class act only made 92 hp from the factory. But who cares? Just look at it. 

This is the preferred year for this model for many MG fans. ‘71 models still get chrome bumpers, the more powerful dual-carb engine, and some even got overdrive. 

1956 Pontiac Star Cheif Ambulance

1956 Pontiac Star Chief Ambulance
1956 Pontiac Star Chief | Mecum Auctions

Price: $9,900

This is the cream of the crop. Not only are ambulances just cool, but the Pontiac Star Chief is also a personal favorite. This Star Cheif was “ambulified” by Superior Coach in-period. The Star Chief thunders along with the help of its 317-ci V8. The Star Chief still has all of its ambulance gear if an emergency were to pop off. It still has its period fire extinguisher, gurney, Motorola two-way radio, and a working vintage Federal Beacon Ray roof-mounted emergency light.

Not only was it completely restored, but it was also done so in the charming style of the legendary fictional Township of Mayberry. 

Can anyone buy a car at Monterey Car week?

Anyone with a little money can. This list shows that with $7,000-$10,000, you can walk away with something pretty cool from one of the fanciest car events in history. 


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