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You have to be cut from a slightly different cloth to amass over 230 cars. Andre Moizard is one such character. After migrating from France to Alberta, Canada, Andre not only took his car collection with him but continued collecting the coolest and strangest cars from across America and Canada. Now, his farm has over 230 classic cars, which are going to be sold if you need a few dozen vintage cars.

How do you get 230 vintage cars?

A mashup of only a few of the cars included in the Andrew Moizard collection
A mashup of only a few of the cars included in the Andrew Moizard collection | Prairie Auctions

Andre found his wife after moving to Canada, where they also started their family. Unfortunately, Andre passed away recently, and while his family knew about his love of cars, they had no idea just how many he had stashed around the farm. 

As with all excentric collectors, emotions play a big part in why and how they collect. Andre knew cars. He bought many cars because he knew they were/would be valuable. However, many he would buy because of emotions. For example, he bought a 1954 Citroen Traction Avant 15/6 because he has a picture of him in his mom’s arms in front of Traction. His son-in-law said that he bought a Volkswagen Beetle because his daughter loved the Herbie movie or a Pontiac Parisienne because his wife is from Paris. His collection even included altruism. His family says that he would buy cars from friends if they needed some help. But as any good petrolhead knows, he mostly bought because he had a passion for cars (particularly Cadillac, Jeep, and Citroen).

What cars are in this massive vintage car collection? 

230 Cars in a field in Canada
230 Cars in a field in Canada | Prairie Auctions

As his son-in-law wrote, Andre loved Cadillac, Jeep, and Citroen. On the Cadillac side of things, he had more than 60 examples. He also had a deep love for Jeep products. He had examples of Willys, Jeep J20s, Commanches, Armys, Jeep Forward Controls, and Cherokees. 

More than the other two, though, Andre loved French cars, Citroen, in particular. By the end, he had three Citroen 2CV, one Citroen Camionette, two Traction Avant 15/6, one traction Avant 11b Familialle, two Traction cabriolets, one very rare Renault 4L Plein Air, and a number of Citroen DS parts.

Within those categories, he is said to have preferred original and rare versions of these cars like ambulances, fire trucks, limited edition models, limousines, and hearses. The son-in-law wrote to Silodrome explaining that while he liked original cars, he also enjoyed working on projects. 

His son-in-law writes, “He re-did a 1942 Power Wagon that he put on a 2005 Dodge Ram with a Hemi and added all sort of extra equipment to it. He built a 2014 Diesel Dodge Ram 6×6 with dual axles in the rear (not a dually) and loaded it up with all kinds of electronics and air suspension. He always had a ton of projects on the go, and that’s also why a lot of them are not finished.”

The collection is for sale

A pair of Citroens sitting with the hoods open in a barn.
A pair of Citroens | Prairie Auctions

The full Andre Moizard Collection is now being offered for open auction by Prairie Auctions out of Canada. The bidding is now live and will close on the 12th of September. If you’d like to read more about the collection, or get more details about bidding, visit Prarie Auctions.