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There are more expensive barn find cars than the Aston Martin DB4, but there may not be another vintage car more exciting to find in a barn than the precursor to James Bond’s preferred DB5. As you’ll notice, the DB4 has a slightly different look than James’ tricked-out ride, but don’t be fooled; it was still a very hot car for its time. This Aston Martin barn find is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. 

Aston Martin DB4 opulled from the garage into the yard
Aston Martin DB4 | Gullwing Motorcars

Aston Martin DB barn find

This 1962 Aston Martin DB4 is what barn find dreams are made of. It’s exotic, rare, old, fast, original, and beyond beautiful. Granted, 30 years sitting untouched in a barn in upstate New York hasn’t done it any favors. The once blue paint and red leather interior have faded significantly from their former glory, but it’s original. 

According to Silodrome, this Aston wound up here after a mechanic returned from Vietnam. He retired to work at a shop where his boss asked if he could give him some extra help on a personal car. After a few weeks, the boss gifted the Aston Martin DB4 to the Vietnam vet. The car still needed work, so he had it towed to his barn, where it would sit for over 30 years. 

What is special about the Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB4 barn find still in the barn
Aston Martin DB4 barn find | Gullwing Motorcars

We know the DB5 has tremendous collector value because of its connection to James Bond, but why was he attracted to Aston in the first place? The DB4. 

The Aston Martin DB debuted in 1958. It got the DB designation because it was the first all-new model under the ownership of David Brown. 

Silodrome says the DB4 was pretty advanced by 1950s standards. It had a new chassis, a new lightweight Superleggera body from Touring of Milan, and perhaps most importantly, a new straight-six designed by Tadek Marek and capable of 240 to 300+ bhp. This is a significant amount of power today, but in 1958, it may as well have been a rocket ship. 

The DB4 would eventually evolve into the legendary Aston Martin DB5. 

How much is an Aston martin DB4 worth? 

Aston Martin DB4 opulled from the garage into the yard
Aston Martin DB4 | Gullwing Motorcars

According to, the DB4 values, like most collectible vintage cars, can vary a bit. However, it’s probably fair to assume that whatever debt the mechanic was owed was more than covered by the DB4. 

Over the past five years, the lowest-priced DB4 on record to sell was $173,600, and the highest went for $9.5 million. The most recent Aston Martin DB4 was sold in June of this year for $390,000. 

Given the rough state of this barn find, this one isn’t going to fetch in the millions, but the owner has it listed on eBay at the buy-it-now price of $325,000. 

That’s a stiff price for such a rough car, but don’t underestimate how badly collectors want these original, numbers-matching cars. Check out the pictures and the eBay listing here. 


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